Saturday, October 24, 2015

October 24, 2015

Well here is a little of what went on this last week, Tuesday my comp and I had a meeting with President Maluenda for a few hours and he gave us about 200 things to do before Elder Dube arrived at 9 O'clock Tuesday night. So all day Tuesday we were running around like a chicken with its head cut off trying to get everything done for President. Then Tuesday night Elder Dube (of the Seventy) arrived and then first thing Wednesday morning we had a meeting with Elder Dube, his wife, and President Maluenda and his wife. It was such a cool meeting, and it was really cool to see how much our mission president and Elder Dube trusted us because they asked us to be involved in a lot of things I never thought we would get to be involved in. We discussed the needs of the mission in that meeting and then planned out the rest of the week with those two and their wives. Then Wednesday afternoon we had meeting with all of the Zone Leaders in the mission along with President and Elder Dube. We then took the two couples around to a few different apartments and we then had a companionship study with President and Elder dube with a set of sister missionaries which was really cool. Thursday morning we had a meeting with all the missionaries here in the southern part of the mission which is about 100 missionaries and my companion and I conducted the meeting for Elder Dube and we got to work a lot with him and help him during all of his meetings which was a lot of fun, it made us nervous a lot but it was a very cool experience. So we had that meeting pretty much all day on Thursday, then Friday we drove up to Corpus with him and had the same meeting pretty much with him but for all of the missionaries in the northern part of the mission. Then during lunch on Friday, he asked us to take his wife to the airport for him, so I got to drive his wife to the airport about 30 min away so we had a pretty fun chat with her about their lives which was really neat being that they are both from Zimbabwe. Then we returned to the meeting in Corpus, and after the meeting got over just my comp and I got to have a cool little meeting with just Elder Dube where we just discussed things about the mission. He gave us counsel for our life and then after that we drove him to the airport. Sorry I skipped over all the little details because there was a lot that happened but it was a really fun, crazy week. I learned so much and I am super grateful that I got to work really closely with a general authority for a week. It was an experience I wont ever forget!! Elder Dube was so full of energy all the time and was so funny! I thought he was a big guy, but when he walked in to our office he was a pretty small little guy but was a big voice! He kept us laughing though and we had a great time with him!! Other than working with him, that is all we did all week! The days before that we just did a lot of preparation with him coming in to town! Things here are going great though, I have only taught one lesson all week with all the time we spent with the mission pres and Elder Dube, but we are teaching a family of four right now and they are amazing. It is a mom, dad, and two kids and when we stopped by Wednesday night, they had made dinner for us and they had already found the gospel library ap on their I pads and they were just sitting there waiting for us! We taught them about the book of Mormon and the dad asked us when we brought it up if it is a book that comes from the painting of Jesus coming to the Americas that he saw at church on Sunday and my comp and I just looked at each other and just said "SI!" and started laughing because we were so amazed that he had put it all together on his own. They are a wonderful family and we are super excited for them!! So things here are going great, I think I have slept a total of like 20 hours this week and put over 1000 miles on our truck but I am loving every minute of it! But this is just a little of what is going on down here!! I hope you all have a great week!!
Love, Elder Johnson

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