Tuesday, October 13, 2015

October 12, 2015

Hi Mommy How are ya?? Yeah the libraries might be closed, but we email in the mission office since we work here all morning on Mondays. My Sunday was good, on Sundays we are usually inside the church for about 10 or so hours with meetings and what not. We have to go to meetings with Pres, or meet with stake presidents or bishops sometimes, but Sundays are always super busy that is for sure!! So dad is heading to Florida for work then? And then he is going to go do some fishing with Sherwin also?? That sounds like a fun trip for him! I would love a little treat for Halloween! This last week we traveled for almost 700 miles so we spend plenty of time in the truck and having a little something to snack on is always nice! Did you get the pictures I sent on Saturday? Mommy, you fell down again!!??? I don’t know if you should even leave the house without a little helmet on!;) You cant keep falling down though!! I guess some more zumba or exercise would help you with your balance! I already told dad I think, that I am going to whip you and him into shape at the gym when I get home!! I want you guys as healthy and here with me as long as possible!! Sounds like the work situation is pretty crazy! Just do whatever makes you happy!! Our P days are pretty weird as the APs because we have like half a P day Saturday and another half Monday, and when you are in a zone there is always a zone activity where you get together as a zone and play basketball or soccer or something but we don’t belong to a zone so we just bounce from zone to zone usually on P days going to a different zone each P day to do their activity with them. Today we didn’t go to any of the activities though because we had too much to do here in the office, because the rest of the week we are going to be gone. Last week I didn’t sleep in my own bed from Tuesday till Saturday night and this week will be about the same!! Things are going great though!! Yeah I read my Patriarchal blessing a ton and it is really cool how much I have been able to get out of it being that it is such a short Pat Blessing. Also, something Pres Maluenda mentioned is that he received a lot of guidance through reading his parents patriarchal blessings, so I want to see if you and dad would be okay with me reading yours? And if you are, if you guys would send them to me? My comp just got his parents and he has really enjoyed reading them and said its super cool to see how the things that are said in their blessings apply to him. But only if you guys are okay with that, I would love to though! Anyways, I hope you have a great week mommy, I love you!!

 Well this morning on our way back from Laredo, we stopped at Falcon Lake (where we baptized when I was in Zapata) and took some pictures. We are in the US and the land on the other side is Mexico! There is a line down the middle of the lake that divides the US and Mexico.

 Okay so the picture of us and all the stuff in our truck was us with few sisters we were taking up to Laredo, it started pouring so we had to put the stuff that couldn't get wet inside and the sisters were a little squished!
  I got pretty tired during conference and I couldn't stay awake long enough to finish writing a sentence! I would write like two words then fall asleep, then two more then fall asleep! I thought my notes looked pretty funny!
 This was a lady that we just recently baptized, and this was a lunch we had at a members house. If you can see I am sitting on a little step stool, and my comp is in a little hannah montana chair! This lady that fed us, doesn't just feed us but, stuffs us!! She doesn't let us say no after just 2 plates of food and makes us keep eating and makes us just about throw up every time!! haha

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