Monday, November 23, 2015

November 23, 2015

So this is the Ramirez family, we just baptized them this last Sunday and they are so amazing!! They love the gospel so much, we walked in Sunday night to have dinner with them and Amabeli, the mom, is in cooking with her phone playing the Book of Mormon! They feed us all the time, and they are so willing to help us with anything and do anything to help out the members of the ward. Anuer (the dad) has been trying to get his working Visa so that he can stay here in the US and work, since he is from Mexico. So he had been trying to get that for the last 3 months or so and the day after he got baptized it showed up! THEN the very next day all of the sudden he received his residency in the mail and he wasn’t expecting that at all which means he is basically now a US citizen! It is so hard for people to get that down here because there are so many illegals and we know that since he was baptized and did what God wanted him to do that he was blessed! Then yesterday he got a call saying he could go down to Mexico to visit his other 2 daughters that he hasn’t been able to visit for the last 3 months! The little girl, Alyson and the little boy, Luis are just adorable! It is so cool to see how much the gospel blesses families when they live it! I am excited to get to go with them to the temple to be sealed a year from now!!

Wednesday, November 18, 2015

November 18, 2015

This Is elder Gilliam, he just went home a couple days ago, he left mid transfer because he served in Mexico before he served here so his time was up , but he is a really good friend, he lives up in northern Idaho and is going to take me Wolf hunting when I get back. I had to take him to the airport at 3am then my comp and I ran a meeting for all the sisters in the whole mission for the whole rest of the day so it was quite the day!! The other pic is from Brownsville, yesterday afternoon we got back from Brownsville. We went down there for an exchange and we saw this leaving the parking lot, so we had to get a picture on it!!

Hi Mommy what are you doing?? I was wanting to chat with you but you must be busy, so that's okay! That is crazy about what happened at work this week! I cant believe Bryant did that! Sounds like he just has a lot of stress and is having a hard time controlling it all.. That is cool that you got a bunch of job offers right after all that! Blessings!! You will have to let me know what you end up deciding to do.. Just choose what makes you the most happy! That is what matters at this point!! Also, you will have to send me a picture of that cousin of Nick’s if you ever find one, so that I can see if she has a chance or not;) Yeah dad told me he bought a lease at the club, he also told me he is going to buy me one also:) That is awesome that Brock made the basketball team, that makes me super happy to hear!! The family that we have been teaching is getting baptized tomorrow, the mom's name is Amabeli and she has been trying to add me on Facebook so if you see her name add her please! She really wants to talk to you! She said she wanted to tell you some things and she wanted to meet you! She is so excited for the gospel, it has been so cool to see how fast they changed and how ready they were to hear the gospel when we showed up!! This week we just went down to Brownsville for a couple days to help them make some things happen, then first thing in the morning we will be going down to Brownsville again to baptize a kid then we will be coming back to baptize the family!! It is also Alisons birthday today, so I bought her a journal so that she has something to write in to remember the day of her baptism. I will send you some pics on Monday if I have time so you can see them in white! Things here are going good though, this next week we have the 3 day meeting, starting Monday night going till Thursday and we will have every leader in the mission here with us for those 4 days and it is going to be nuts! My comp and I have many hours ahead of us of planning where everyone is going to sleep and where they will work for those 4 days, then after the meeting on Thursday, we will be heading up to Laredo for the rest of the week! Also, on Monday night we are going to have an FHE with the family we are baptizing at the mission presidents house, so that will be awesome!! Little nervous.. but it should be super neat! They are going to teach them more about missionary work and about temples so it should be amazing. But things are going great, and a crazy week is coming up!! Write me back mommy, I want to hear from you!

Monday, November 2, 2015

October 31, 2015

Wow, Brockles is on his first date??? That is so crazy to me... he seems like he should still be asking mommy if he can go play with his friends! haha You will have to send me some pics of him when you can! Yeah tonight we have to be home by 6pm for the rest of the night and we will be having 4 missionaries with us that go home this next week because they have their final interview with pres today then they will stay with us till they fly out. Each day we will be getting a few more and by Monday night we will have 17 missionaries with us that will be flying home Wednesday morning! We will probably get some trick or treaters since we live in a house in a decent neighborhood!  I don’t need any candy right now! I am trying to get huge of course and lose all of my fatty yucky weight! I get plenty of bad food when we eat with members, so I am trying to eat decent when I can! I have a goal of being at a solid 200 when I get home, right now I am at 192 and I have gotten rid of most of the fat I have gained here on the mish! We go to the gym almost every day from 5-7 even when we have to travel because my comp is trying to lose a lot of weight before he goes home. All the missionaries will sleep at our house, that is the main reason we live in a house, we have a bunch of bunk beds in there so they will all of a bed to sleep in. Yes, Monday we have to go to the airport to pick up all the new missionaries and on Wednesday we go to drop them all off at the airport. This next week is pretty crazy with everything that happens at transfers! Of course Brock thinks he is pretty bad, he is probably on cloud 9 right now! haha
These are some pics of the family that we are teaching, the little girl (Alison) she is the cutest little thing and the mom and dad are wonderful. The have a date to be baptized on the 15th of November and they will be my pride and joy of my mission when they get baptized here in a couple weeks. Amabeli, the mom, calls us her angels, she always says, "mis angeles tengo una pregunta..." They  are super cool and we are super excited for them. We have already talked about going to the temple after baptism and they thought that was super cool and is something they really want to do so I will be coming back down here to Texas when that happens! They have fed us dinner twice already the last two weeks and they are progressing really quickly! They have lots of questions because they are a very smart family and want to know everything about the church but they are wonderful!