Monday, June 22, 2015

June 22, 2015

Hi Kimbo, How are you doing?? How has Dad been this last week? I really hope he is doing okay.. I know it is something that is going to be hard for him especially being his only brother that he really grew up with. Please keep me updated with how he is doing. I got the news from Sister Wells on Friday about Uncle Todd and yesterday I got a call from Sister Maluenda to say sorry and to see how I was doing. That is good to hear that the funeral services went well and the viewing did too. I haven’t gotten the letter yet but I should get it today or tomorrow I imagine. I will keep checking for it. It hadn’t really hit me till I got on and started reading the emails about it, but I am doing okay, I am more worried about how Dad is doing and how Kath and her family are doing. I just sent her an email so I hope I hear back from her soon. How has Kath and her family been doing?? I have been praying a lot for them and I included them in my fast yesterday. That is cool to hear Michael got married. I feel like I am going to have to make sure you and Dad like whoever it is I marry a lot before I get married to them! Do you have any pictures of the wedding? If you do, could you send them to me?? I cant believe Yac Yac is already home, and also that Brock is taller than him!! How is he doing? It is super good to see him, and of course he is wearing a camo tie!;) It is crazy that people are starting to get home!! Time is going by to quickly!! That is good to hear that you guys are going to go up camping soon, I think that is something Dad is really going to need and something that will help him a lot. That is something he has mentioned, that with me and Tyler gone that he doesn’t really have anyone that cares to go up camping much so I hope that helps him a lot. Do you know where it is that you guys want to go yet? Make Brock go out fishing with him if he goes out in the pontoon or something, I loved always going out paddling around with Dad in the tubes and I know that is something he always really enjoyed also. That is good to hear that Brock has been playing well, how has he been enjoying baseball?? What else does he usually do other than baseball?? Things here are going really well, now being a zone leader my responsibilities have changed quite a bit because I now cover close to 20 missionaries but I don’t work with really anything of them individually other than the district leaders, there are three district leaders in the zone so we work with them a lot to help them to help those that are in their district. It tests my patience sometimes because we will see a problem or something and we want them to just take care of it as the district leader but they don’t most of the time so we have to teach them and help them fix the problem but sometimes they just don’t fix things but things are going well. We have a meeting just about every day that we have to go to, so we don’t get to work as much in our area which is a little different but I am enjoying it a lot. I will be getting a new comp a week from tomorrow, my comp heads home but his family moved to Houston from Utah just a year ago so he will be staying here in Texas since his family moved! He is a really great kid and I have enjoyed my time with him, he doesn’t really like sports or anything like that but we have just gotten a long really well so it is sad that he will already be taking off but we will keep in touch. I will be getting a new comp this next week and I know for sure now that I will be training a new Zone Leader, like right now my comp is training me, you always get trained your first transfer as a zone leader and I have found out recently that I will be getting a missionary where it is his first transfer as a ZL so I am excited to see who I get! I should know next week who I get so I will let you know. This last week just flew by and I cant even think of what happened, we just started teaching this lady that has recently gotten out of prison, but she has 3 little girls and they all came to church yesterday. The little girls are really cute and they are doing really well, the only thing that may stop her from being baptized is if she is on probation since she was in prison for a while. Just about her whole body is covered in tattoos but is a really cool lady and is really excited to be baptized. I have definitely learned not to judge on my mission, whether it be other missionaries or the people we talk to every day. Other than that I can’t think of really anything that happened this last week, I think we are going to be going bowling here with everyone in the zone so that should be a lot of fun! I haven’t been bowling since I left home so I am excited!! I hope everyone is doing alright at home, I love you mommy!!
Love, Tu hijo

Monday, June 15, 2015

June 15, 2015

This is a picture during our Zone meeting, we wanted to do an activity to show the zone we trust them so we told them to bring something out of their fridge to smash on our face, so we put the bags over our body then let them all smash something on us! Somebody smashed my comp to hard so he got a bloody nose! They smashed eggs, peanut butter, flour, jelly, and just about anything else you can think of!

Then also in Zone meeting we had a pair of sisters give a training on safety and they dressed us up as you can see for their safety demonstration!

Here are some pictures of the flood we had like two weeks ago, where the road would go down a little bit there were some places that had up to a few feet of water!!

Last week on P day we did a big dart war with the zone that was a lot of fun. We had all the districts make their own fort and we gave them all a pipe and a bunch of darts and me and my comp made our own fort since we aren’t in a district and we had a bunch of big wars! It was a lot of fun, and pretty crazy also! haha

Hey Kimbo, how are you doing?? I sent you a bunch of pictures to let you know what I have been up to lately, so I hope you got those! That’s cool that you guys will be going to the temple to see Michael get married! That is so crazy to me that people are getting married!! Send me some pics of it all! Sounds like you had tons of good speakers at Stake Conference! Sounds like President Lewis is doing a great job, its cool that he will be the one that will be releasing me when I get home. Sounds like you guys had a fun little ride on the new toy! How does everyone like it? How is the back seat? It looks really nice and a lot of fun! That’s cool to hear that Gub is doing his own thing with the baseball program, it is something that SF has been needing for a long time! How is Brock enjoying everything with sports and what not? How has he been doing lately? Have you been tellin people I’m doing alright? I was a big deal if you didn’t know.. haha Just teasin! So I will be sending a few letters and a thumb drive home soon that has tons of pictures on it, so we will count that for Mothers Day, Fathers Day, and also your birthday since it is soon;) I am sorry I haven’t sent you guys anything for a long time!! No way!! I cant believe Yac Yac is already coming home!! Take a pic with him or something and tell him hello for me!! It is so crazy to me to hear that people are coming home already!! Yeah Elder Larsen goes home here in just 2 weeks so he is starting to die, which means he is starting to get trunky and what not! Yeah I am not sure what Pres does but when people come out of their final interview they just know that they have to get married quickly! Because he talks about the progression in life and talks about some deep doctrine with them to help them understand why it is so important and why it needs to be done quickly so that should be an interesting interview with him when I have it I bet! Tyler needs to find a woman and put a ring on it! Does he ever go on dates or anything out where he is working? Or do they not even have time for anything like that? Today we are just going to go and play some basketball and soccer at the church with the rest of the missionaries in the zone so that should be good, and we are also going to go sell my comps bike at a pawn shop because he doesn’t want to send it home but other than that I don’t think we have a whole lot to do today! But I hope everything is going good at home? I am sure the house is pretty quiet with just the baby home? Have a good week, I love you mommy! Love Da Bear

Tuesday, June 9, 2015

June 8, 2015

Hey Kimbo how are you doing?? Looks like Daddy got him quite the toy!! What do you think of it? Thanks so much for the package, I just got it a few hours ago!! How is brock liking baseball and basketball?? That is cool that Ty got to go to Fenway park!! How has he been doing? I haven’t heard from him in a while. So is he just out there with that Hansen kid then? Or is he staying with those other kids in that picture also? There are all sorts of things that have happened at home since I have been gone that I would have thought never would happen! Crazy how things go after high school! How is Harley doing? Have you talked to him at all? I didn’t get to watch that video but it looks like that thing at BYU was huge that Brock was in! I am super excited to see the temple!! We will have to go as soon as I get home! Things here are going good, I am sorry... I forgot my card reader again today so I wont be able to send any pictures again today... But I promise next week that I will send tons!! We had a bunch of meetings this last week, one with Pres and all the other ZLs then one with all the zone and then another one with just the district leaders that are in our zone. Things are going really well here and my companion is starting to get a little trunky, he goes home 3 weeks from today which means he has to start making plans to find his wife, it is a commitment that Pres gives to all the missionaries that are going home so that should be pretty fun to hear him talk about what he is going to do to find his woman when he gets home! We are still trying to get to know all the members in the ward here in our area, I know the area, like the streets and what not but since we are both brand new to the ward neither of us know hardly anyone in the ward but we are getting to know a lot of them. We went tie digging this morning and we are going to have a giant dart war with the whole zone for the activity today. We are going to go to the church and use pipes to shoot nerf darts, you can shoot those things super hard, and we are going to have a big war in the gym so that should be a lot of fun! Sorry I don’t have much time to email today, I promise next week will be a lot better, I love you mommy have a great week!!
Love, Tu hijo

Monday, June 1, 2015

June 1, 2015

Hi Kimbo, how is everything going?? That is crazy to me that Harley is home now!! I can’t believe how fast time flies!! Yeah I cant believe how much the mission changes people, to be honest coming out on a mission I didn't think I was going to change, but I realized real quickly that I was going to change a lot and it is great. Were there many kids at his homecoming? Sounds like just about everybody I went to high school with has all shot off their different ways and are all doing their own things now. That's good to hear Ty is doing well, who is he left there with him now? Who is it that Josh is dating that is going out on a mission soon? That is cool that Brock is going to be part of that thing for the temple, I think I will be able to watch it because we always have an hour a week when we get on and we can watch videos or study things so I will look for it on there. This last week was good, seems like it just flew by and I can’t remember much of went on. I changed apartments and now live in McAllen but I am always at the mission office because we have to do a lot of things there so just send anything there if you want to send me anything:) I still drive a truck, that's actually one of the perks of being a zone leader is that I always get to drive a truck now:) there are only two district leaders in the mission that get to drive a truck so I was lucky and got to drive one and all the ZLs and the APs drive trucks so for the rest of my mission I will get to drive a nice truck so that's cool!! This last week we had a big flood and just about everywhere there was at least a foot of water which was pretty crazy! My comp is from South Jordan but during his mission his family moved to Houston so here on the last day of the month he will be flying up to Houston. His name is Elder Larsen, really good kid and we are getting along well. Then I will get a new comp since he goes home soon, and I will be training a new Zone leader because there are so many leaders going home at the end of this transfer. We had a good time at presidents house this last week, it made us a little nervous but everything went well and it was a lot of fun and tomorrow we might be having an FHE again with his family and some investigators so that should be good. It is really weird being around him all the time now, but it is really cool at the same time. Things here are going well, sorry this last week was pretty boring and not a whole lot happened so I don't have much to tell you but things here are going great!! I hope you have a great week Kimbo! I love you!
Love, Tu oso