Monday, June 15, 2015

June 15, 2015

This is a picture during our Zone meeting, we wanted to do an activity to show the zone we trust them so we told them to bring something out of their fridge to smash on our face, so we put the bags over our body then let them all smash something on us! Somebody smashed my comp to hard so he got a bloody nose! They smashed eggs, peanut butter, flour, jelly, and just about anything else you can think of!

Then also in Zone meeting we had a pair of sisters give a training on safety and they dressed us up as you can see for their safety demonstration!

Here are some pictures of the flood we had like two weeks ago, where the road would go down a little bit there were some places that had up to a few feet of water!!

Last week on P day we did a big dart war with the zone that was a lot of fun. We had all the districts make their own fort and we gave them all a pipe and a bunch of darts and me and my comp made our own fort since we aren’t in a district and we had a bunch of big wars! It was a lot of fun, and pretty crazy also! haha

Hey Kimbo, how are you doing?? I sent you a bunch of pictures to let you know what I have been up to lately, so I hope you got those! That’s cool that you guys will be going to the temple to see Michael get married! That is so crazy to me that people are getting married!! Send me some pics of it all! Sounds like you had tons of good speakers at Stake Conference! Sounds like President Lewis is doing a great job, its cool that he will be the one that will be releasing me when I get home. Sounds like you guys had a fun little ride on the new toy! How does everyone like it? How is the back seat? It looks really nice and a lot of fun! That’s cool to hear that Gub is doing his own thing with the baseball program, it is something that SF has been needing for a long time! How is Brock enjoying everything with sports and what not? How has he been doing lately? Have you been tellin people I’m doing alright? I was a big deal if you didn’t know.. haha Just teasin! So I will be sending a few letters and a thumb drive home soon that has tons of pictures on it, so we will count that for Mothers Day, Fathers Day, and also your birthday since it is soon;) I am sorry I haven’t sent you guys anything for a long time!! No way!! I cant believe Yac Yac is already coming home!! Take a pic with him or something and tell him hello for me!! It is so crazy to me to hear that people are coming home already!! Yeah Elder Larsen goes home here in just 2 weeks so he is starting to die, which means he is starting to get trunky and what not! Yeah I am not sure what Pres does but when people come out of their final interview they just know that they have to get married quickly! Because he talks about the progression in life and talks about some deep doctrine with them to help them understand why it is so important and why it needs to be done quickly so that should be an interesting interview with him when I have it I bet! Tyler needs to find a woman and put a ring on it! Does he ever go on dates or anything out where he is working? Or do they not even have time for anything like that? Today we are just going to go and play some basketball and soccer at the church with the rest of the missionaries in the zone so that should be good, and we are also going to go sell my comps bike at a pawn shop because he doesn’t want to send it home but other than that I don’t think we have a whole lot to do today! But I hope everything is going good at home? I am sure the house is pretty quiet with just the baby home? Have a good week, I love you mommy! Love Da Bear

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