Monday, June 1, 2015

June 1, 2015

Hi Kimbo, how is everything going?? That is crazy to me that Harley is home now!! I can’t believe how fast time flies!! Yeah I cant believe how much the mission changes people, to be honest coming out on a mission I didn't think I was going to change, but I realized real quickly that I was going to change a lot and it is great. Were there many kids at his homecoming? Sounds like just about everybody I went to high school with has all shot off their different ways and are all doing their own things now. That's good to hear Ty is doing well, who is he left there with him now? Who is it that Josh is dating that is going out on a mission soon? That is cool that Brock is going to be part of that thing for the temple, I think I will be able to watch it because we always have an hour a week when we get on and we can watch videos or study things so I will look for it on there. This last week was good, seems like it just flew by and I can’t remember much of went on. I changed apartments and now live in McAllen but I am always at the mission office because we have to do a lot of things there so just send anything there if you want to send me anything:) I still drive a truck, that's actually one of the perks of being a zone leader is that I always get to drive a truck now:) there are only two district leaders in the mission that get to drive a truck so I was lucky and got to drive one and all the ZLs and the APs drive trucks so for the rest of my mission I will get to drive a nice truck so that's cool!! This last week we had a big flood and just about everywhere there was at least a foot of water which was pretty crazy! My comp is from South Jordan but during his mission his family moved to Houston so here on the last day of the month he will be flying up to Houston. His name is Elder Larsen, really good kid and we are getting along well. Then I will get a new comp since he goes home soon, and I will be training a new Zone leader because there are so many leaders going home at the end of this transfer. We had a good time at presidents house this last week, it made us a little nervous but everything went well and it was a lot of fun and tomorrow we might be having an FHE again with his family and some investigators so that should be good. It is really weird being around him all the time now, but it is really cool at the same time. Things here are going well, sorry this last week was pretty boring and not a whole lot happened so I don't have much to tell you but things here are going great!! I hope you have a great week Kimbo! I love you!
Love, Tu oso




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