Tuesday, May 26, 2015

May 25, 2015

Hi Kimbo,
What have you been up to lately? That is cool that you went to Elder Shumway’s homecoming!! How did that go? Did you get to talk to him much? He actually called me the other day and talk to me! haha He isn’t supposed to do that but he just called to ask for your guys' number again and just tell me how weird it is to him to be home and what not. I am really glad you guys got to meet him! I can’t believe the baby Brockles has turned 15 and is getting his permit soon!! That just seems so crazy to me!! He seems way to young to be sitting behind the wheel in the car!! That is good that a bunch of kids came over, I hope he had a good birthday. That’s cool that Coco and KK came over, how are they doing? I can’t believe Harley is getting home or is already home!! He is the first of the group to get back then slowly one by one we will all be back home again! That is crazy to think about!! That is cool to hear that SF won state in baseball and softball! I though the baseball team was struggling? How is Ty enjoying Connecticut? I hope he is doing well out there, I haven’t heard a whole lot from him. That’s good to hear that he is having a lot of success though, I hope staying there all summer is worth it!! So yeah this last week I was transferred, but I wasn’t transferred very far! I just moved to the area that borders my old area. I now serve in McAllen like the actual city part, our area is huge though so we cover like 4 or 5 different cities. I was made a Zone Leader and my comp came from a different area so we are actually white washing this area together. This is the first time they have ever white washed a zone leader area so it is a little different but things are going good! It is kinda weird not working in my area as much, we usually always have some kind of meeting or exchange or split or something just about every single day and then at night we always have to do follow ups with all the district leaders in our zone so there isn’t a whole lot of time to relax but that is great. We always have tons going on but I am really enjoying it. My companion goes home here in five weeks at the end of the transfer then I will get a new comp again so hopefully he doesn’t "die" to hard. (when someone goes home that means they die). We actually have the mission president and his wife in our area and we are the only missionaries that go to their ward so it is a little nerve racking but it is really cool at the same time. They invited us to come over tomorrow and eat and do a family home evening with them so that should be really cool but at the same time very stressful! haha But I am sure everything will go great. This ward we are working in has had a lot of problems with missionaries, that is why they took both missionaries out and just put the ZLs in here, and we meet with President Maluenda every so often to talk about the ward and to try to fix things because they just don’t work with missionaries very well and just don’t like baptizing at all, and I love baptizing so I am sure I will learn a lot of patience here! So I will always be around the mission office, I have to do a lot of stuff in there so just send anything to the mission office address,
200 W La Vista Ave
McAllen, Tx 78501
That is cool that you have talked to E. Eisenhut’s mom, it would be a lot of fun to get together with them sometime! I really love Elder Eisenhut a lot. He is actually with Elder Acosta now, he is from SF also. I had no idea he was even coming to this mission then he came and grabbed me at transfers and I was so confused when I saw him! haha His dad is the Acosta guy that helped the football team, Kev knows the kid really well I believe. The Cavasos want us to come back and visit so badly, because they cant go north at all so they really want us to come down after the mission, along with a lot of other members. I would love to come down here with you guys and have you meet a lot of people.But other than that it has just been a crazy busy week with a lot of change, but I am getting the hang of things and things are going great! I hope everything is going good there at home, I love you mommy!!
Love, Da bear

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