Thursday, March 27, 2014

March 23, 2014

Last email from Mexico City!!

 Our night time teacher, such a stud!
 With our Branch President & his Counselors
Elder Watson & I, we traded a tie so we could remember each other!

Well they are letting us email for a sec because we are leave here at 2;30 am tomorrow. This last week here has been so much fun though. One night we slept on the roof of our casa, and then last night a bunch of Hermanas tried pranking our casa and got caught by the CCM Presidente!! Haha it was so funny that they got caught. But the night we slept on the roof, at like midnight Watson wakes me up laughing because there is a guy on a four-wheeler that drives around all night here patrolling and he stopped and saw that there was a ladder leaned up against the side of the house and he took it down while we were up there!! He had no idea we were up there but we were now on a roof with no way down! We had thrown all of our mattresses up there to sleep on so in the morning we threw them off of the roof in a pile and jumped down on to them and that is how we got down. It was such a funny night and we just slept under the stars on our beds still because we brought them up there with us. It was me, Espinoza, Watson that slept on two mattresses. We are like the 3 amigos here. They are both studs. Then Perkins, Hoffman, Joyce (he is a big time surfer in cali), Davis and two other kids that are in our casa slept up there for our last get together before we all take off different directions. I will send you some pics of it. I land in Dallas in the morning at 10:20 then my next flight leaves at 1:05 so have your phone on you between then and I will try to call for a sec. I hope to talk to you tomorrow.

 Love, Elder Bear

Thursday, March 20, 2014

March 19, 2014

 Beautiful purple trees all around the CCM.
 Gangsta Missionaries
 My District
 I caught a dove with my bare hands!!
 Missionary Rappers!  Sup?!!
Selfie Sunday!!

Things here in the CCM this last week have been going pretty good, It is crazy how fast time is flying though, I leave Monday morning at 6am!! We leave the CCM at 3 am to head to the airport. I have loved it here but I am ready to get the heck out of here and get to the border. I will get to email again sometime before I leave they said,  and I hope I am able to call you when I am at my layover Monday morning.  Keep your phone on ya. I am glad Tyler is hanging out with Colt and Logan and Jared and all those guys.  They are so fun and so funny to hang out with. How is Nae doin? She wrote me last week but I didn’t get anything from her today. That’s cool a lot of people asked about me, they haven’t forgotten about me yet! That is so funny about baby Brockles with him getting the room key. He acts like he is 25 in a 7 year old body or how ever old the kid is. That is crazy about the tramp blowing over the fence! Was it really that windy there?? Send me all the pictures with how that goes! haha Dad could ask Logan and Chase and Mav to come help him lift it over the fence. They would all be willing to help.

We had a rap battle this week and it was so dang funny and so crazy. We all got so into it and dressed up and I have them all on video and I cant wait to show them to you when I get home. I had a pretty good rap about my companion Elder H. It was so funny. Elder W is a kid that lives in our house and he has come to be one of my best friends. He is such a funny kid and he is amazing at volleyball too. He played with a junior Olympic team for volleyball his whole life and we always play together. He is going to Chile with Elder E and I will keep in touch with him. He is from AZ but might come up to BYU and he is such a stud. We have a good time together and he keeps me laughing.

(Mom heard that Elder Johnson and his buddies had stolen a ping pong table from the gym and took it to their house, this is what he says about that)  Yeah we stole a ping pong table and we hide it every day in the laundry room before we go to class each day so we still have it:) (I guess even missionaries gotta go a little crazy at times!)

The Spanish is coming along slowly. But I am picking it up so much quicker than my companions and most the people here. In lessons I talk the whole time and keep the conversation going while my comps sit and watch basically. I hope to go to an area where I am speaking solomente EspaƱol so that I can learn it quicker. I am excited to get on my bike and ride it, but I hope my back holds up.  With the bed I sleep on here, I wake up with a pretty sore back each morning and I still get that pain down my leg all the time now. I just take pills and I am alright though.  I am excited to leave Monday morning but I will email you again before I leave here. I hope everything is going great at home. I miss you all but I am loving it here and I am making so many great friends and memories. Thanks for the support.
Love, Elder Johnson

March 12, 2014

Hey Kimbo,
My week here has been kind of rough, but everything is going alright. The only letter I have gotten is that one from you a couple weeks ago but I haven’t gotten anything since then.  You can do Dear Elder tho,  the kids in my district have been getting Dear Elder letters. Well Sunday night I started feeling sick then the last two days I have been on bed rest.  I didn’t leave my bed Monday unless it was to throw up.  The doctor came and visited me yesterday and gave me some pills to try and they helped me a little bit and I have felt a little better today. They give my comps an excuse note so they have been going to class the last few days and I have just been staying home alone.  Another district brought me in a card yesterday that they had all wrote on which was nice of them. Other than that things have been going alright.  They have a store here with just food and snacks and they get these sweet scripture cases each week at 5 on Fridays and there is one that I have been trying to get each week that is of Moroni and it is sweet so hopefully I can get it this week.  They give us 100 pesos on our card each week to spend in there.  That’s to bad about Uncle Jay, I can barely picture him in my head though.  I wish I could have seen Kev. He would always make me laugh so hard and is always so entertaining!  That’s good Ty is finally deciding to take off the bra and hang out with girls. That’s funny about the Diamond chick too, is she a cute girl? He didn’t have much to say about the other chick either? I’m not to worried about him being married before I get home. I wish I was coming down to Sunshine with you guys this week.  That was always so fun. Lexi and Mac told me they have a room down there and will be going to all of the games so let me know if you see them or run into them down there!  Send me lots of pictures from St George, the only picture I got this week was the one of Kev and the bee.  I love getting pictures and Chase said he will start sending me some of what he is doing now.  If you see Colt and Gus down at Dixie, kick their butts for never emailing me.  They both emailed me like the first week and haven’t emailed me since then.  Chase is the only one of my buddies from home that has been emailing me each week. Ty and Brock didn’t even email me this week so get on some people for me please.  Thanks for the emails Bo, I look forward to hearing from you each week because I know I can always count on you.
Love, Elder Johnson

Wednesday, March 5, 2014

March 5, 2014

My breakfast, Dad would love it. It is CHEESE!!
 The Hermana's took my camera!
 Visiting the Mexico City Temple

The Visitors Center at the Mexico City Temple

Hola Bo,
Things here are going pretty good.  The food is starting to get to me a little bit but everything is going well. My comps hand is doing well and now Elder Perkins is in our companionship also since his comp went home. The language is coming along great and I am able to understand it really well for the most part.  When we teach our investigators each morning and most nights I am usually the only one that talks the entire time because my comps can’t speak it hardly at all. But I am able to say most of what I want to try to say though during the lessons in my Spanish which is pretty cool! I did get really frustrated though the other night when we were teaching a lady that volunteered to be a investigator the other night because she would talk sooo fast and slurred her words so badly and I had a hard time communicating with her while my comps just sat their with their teeth in their mouth because I don’t think they even knew what language she was speaking.  The lesson didn’t go terrible, but it didn’t go good either. It was really frustrating though because I thought I was doing so well with my Spanish but then we had that lesson and I didn’t understand much. That group Tyler is moving out with sounds like it would be a really fun group of kids to move out with. Has he moved out now? Try to keep things fun with Brock since nobody is home.  I don’t want him to be bored all the time with nothing to do other than Play Station. How is Ty’s car? Is it a ferry jerry car? or is it alright?  That’s good Chase is around.  He has been emailing me every week and he says things are weird without me around to do stuff with because I was the only one that he liked going with or doing things with.  Tell Tyler to invite him to do things with him if they ever go fishing or hunting or anything. We still play tons of volleyball and the time here is flying! Sorry I don’t have much to say, this week wasn't too exciting and don’t have much to say about it. I hope everything is great at home. That poem you sent me was so funny and I just shared it with all the people emailing with me and they are all dying. Bo, looks a lot like Walker to me, he sounds like he was fun to tend! How is Sadie doing?  Make sure Ty takes out that chick on a date now that he has a new car. Thanks for all the love and support mommy.
Love, Elder Johnson