Thursday, March 20, 2014

March 19, 2014

 Beautiful purple trees all around the CCM.
 Gangsta Missionaries
 My District
 I caught a dove with my bare hands!!
 Missionary Rappers!  Sup?!!
Selfie Sunday!!

Things here in the CCM this last week have been going pretty good, It is crazy how fast time is flying though, I leave Monday morning at 6am!! We leave the CCM at 3 am to head to the airport. I have loved it here but I am ready to get the heck out of here and get to the border. I will get to email again sometime before I leave they said,  and I hope I am able to call you when I am at my layover Monday morning.  Keep your phone on ya. I am glad Tyler is hanging out with Colt and Logan and Jared and all those guys.  They are so fun and so funny to hang out with. How is Nae doin? She wrote me last week but I didn’t get anything from her today. That’s cool a lot of people asked about me, they haven’t forgotten about me yet! That is so funny about baby Brockles with him getting the room key. He acts like he is 25 in a 7 year old body or how ever old the kid is. That is crazy about the tramp blowing over the fence! Was it really that windy there?? Send me all the pictures with how that goes! haha Dad could ask Logan and Chase and Mav to come help him lift it over the fence. They would all be willing to help.

We had a rap battle this week and it was so dang funny and so crazy. We all got so into it and dressed up and I have them all on video and I cant wait to show them to you when I get home. I had a pretty good rap about my companion Elder H. It was so funny. Elder W is a kid that lives in our house and he has come to be one of my best friends. He is such a funny kid and he is amazing at volleyball too. He played with a junior Olympic team for volleyball his whole life and we always play together. He is going to Chile with Elder E and I will keep in touch with him. He is from AZ but might come up to BYU and he is such a stud. We have a good time together and he keeps me laughing.

(Mom heard that Elder Johnson and his buddies had stolen a ping pong table from the gym and took it to their house, this is what he says about that)  Yeah we stole a ping pong table and we hide it every day in the laundry room before we go to class each day so we still have it:) (I guess even missionaries gotta go a little crazy at times!)

The Spanish is coming along slowly. But I am picking it up so much quicker than my companions and most the people here. In lessons I talk the whole time and keep the conversation going while my comps sit and watch basically. I hope to go to an area where I am speaking solomente Español so that I can learn it quicker. I am excited to get on my bike and ride it, but I hope my back holds up.  With the bed I sleep on here, I wake up with a pretty sore back each morning and I still get that pain down my leg all the time now. I just take pills and I am alright though.  I am excited to leave Monday morning but I will email you again before I leave here. I hope everything is going great at home. I miss you all but I am loving it here and I am making so many great friends and memories. Thanks for the support.
Love, Elder Johnson

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