Thursday, March 27, 2014

March 23, 2014

Last email from Mexico City!!

 Our night time teacher, such a stud!
 With our Branch President & his Counselors
Elder Watson & I, we traded a tie so we could remember each other!

Well they are letting us email for a sec because we are leave here at 2;30 am tomorrow. This last week here has been so much fun though. One night we slept on the roof of our casa, and then last night a bunch of Hermanas tried pranking our casa and got caught by the CCM Presidente!! Haha it was so funny that they got caught. But the night we slept on the roof, at like midnight Watson wakes me up laughing because there is a guy on a four-wheeler that drives around all night here patrolling and he stopped and saw that there was a ladder leaned up against the side of the house and he took it down while we were up there!! He had no idea we were up there but we were now on a roof with no way down! We had thrown all of our mattresses up there to sleep on so in the morning we threw them off of the roof in a pile and jumped down on to them and that is how we got down. It was such a funny night and we just slept under the stars on our beds still because we brought them up there with us. It was me, Espinoza, Watson that slept on two mattresses. We are like the 3 amigos here. They are both studs. Then Perkins, Hoffman, Joyce (he is a big time surfer in cali), Davis and two other kids that are in our casa slept up there for our last get together before we all take off different directions. I will send you some pics of it. I land in Dallas in the morning at 10:20 then my next flight leaves at 1:05 so have your phone on you between then and I will try to call for a sec. I hope to talk to you tomorrow.

 Love, Elder Bear

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