Wednesday, April 2, 2014

March 31, 2014


My new companion, Elder Shumway

Well Hey Y’all!!
I am down here in Texas now and things have been pretty crazy! Monday night we slept at the Assistant to the Presidents house then Tuesday morning they gave us our areas and companions then shipped us out to our new places. My companion is Elder Shumway from Alpine, Utah and he is a stud. We get along really well and he is a great trainer. We serve in a city call La Joya, it is right down on the border, and I serve in the southern part of the city. In our area it is 99% Mexicans and the Border Patrol is everywhere here! My second day here when we were on our bikes I watched 9 illegal Mexicans get pulled out of a PT Cruiser! How do they even fit 9 in there? The Border Patrol pulled them out and were putting them in a big Border Patrol truck and we watched it all happen, it was pretty crazy! Most of our members here are not legals either, it is a pretty normal thing to just ask them if they have their papers or not and most of them do not have them. I swear I am not in the US here, nothing but Mexicans and it is pretty sketchy in most areas here. This first week has been crazy but good still. It is already over 100 degrees here and the humidity is already killing me and they are saying it isn’t that bad yet here. I cant imagine what it is going to be like here in a couple months! We ride our bikes quite a bit and we rode them for 21 miles Saturday. We ride half the time and we have a car to take for the further appointments, but we cant use the car very much so we ride our bikes the rest of the time.  We sent a baptismal date with a family of five my third day here so hopefully they will continue to shoot for that date because they are an awesome family. Other than that we didn’t have much success this last week. There are tons of Jehovah witnesses here and tons of Catholics as you can imagine. We speak nothing but Spanish during lessons and talking with people because nobody speaks English. I hope I pick up on the Spanish quickly because we speak it all the time here! Things are tough but I am excited to serve here! I hope all is well for everyone!
 Love, Elder Johnson

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