Wednesday, April 23, 2014

April 22, 2013

Hey Kimbo,
I sent out another letter to ya yesterday so I hope you get that soon! I have also got all three of your packages you sent me! Thank you so much for them! We had a fun Easter with the eggs and we ate those cookies still even though they were old. We eat just about anything here! I got Brookes package yesterday and that was super nice of her to send that to me! She sent some squirt guns and we have had a lot of fun with those!! My comp has two nerf guns that we play with all the time that are a lot of fun so we mix it up now with the water guns! How is Relief Society going? I am sure you are doing fantastic, and are doing the best anyone could ever do! Most days here are pretty bloody hot, and with the weight I am gaining it is good for me to ride my bike in the sun! It isn’t stopping me at all though from putting on some weight! haha I wrote Josey a letter yesterday and I am so happy she got baptized! That was some of the best news I have heard because I see now how much it changes peoples lives.
Friday, my birthday was pretty boring, birthdays here on the mish, I learned are basically just another day pretty much! My comp made me breakfast and yesterday at Target he bought me a tie rack (I will explain more about this another time). Friday night we ate at a members house and it was their girls bday so they had a cake for her then my comp told them it was my bday too so they put more candles in it and had me blow out some candles so we got a cake! Then they sit and chant "mordida" meaning you have to bite a piece of the cake off of the side, and my comp pushed my head in the cake of course! haha Today we had a zone meeting and our zone leaders made a cake for me, my comp and one of the zone leaders because we all have bdays around now, and of course when they were chanting mordida. I went for a bite and both the zl and my comp pushed my head in the cake, then they didn’t do it because they said they just wanted to see the greenie do it! Those guys are both studs though and are so awesome. Sunday night we ate at the bishops house and we had some American food!!!! They had ham and funeral potatoes! It was Crazy!! Then last night another family wanted to make a dinner for Easter for us and the made us Mole! It was super good, a little different, but it is good! Last week when we ate with a member I ate pig foot for the first time, the texture is nasty because it is hairy and I just had to shove it in... But it wasn’t tooo bad I guess.. We had splits last Wednesday and I worked with Elder Handy in my area, and he is our Zone leader. He is such a stud and he goes home in just two weeks. He taught me so much and we had an amazing day! We have 8 new investigators now and we got 32 referrals which is insane to get in one day! Our goal for the week with referrals is 25 and we got more than that in a day! We had a super good day and we have a lot of people to teach now these next few weeks! So the work has been great this last week and I am excited for this next week! Other than that though not a whole lot has been going on down here. It is super hot today and we are riding bikes here in not too long so I am planning on roasting like a pig today, haha
Tell Colton if you ever see him to email me every week. I love his emails because he is so funny but I don’t always hear from him. Thanks so much for the things for my bday Kimbo, I love you so much and can't wait to skype you in a few weeks! By the way the library wasn’t open yesterday so that’s why I didn’t write!
Love, Elder Johnson

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