Thursday, April 10, 2014

April 7, 2014

Howdy Y’all,
Well it has been another crazy week here on the mission.  It is already over 100 degrees here and is way to hot for me here! Hopefully I will get use to it quickly. We have had some crazy things happen this week. Tuesday we were doing service at the bishops house and the bishops wife told Elder Embley that he could catch a chicken and kill it and have it if he wanted, so of course game on. Catching the chicken was so funny, my comp ran it into a fence and was chasing it all over the place! We finally caught it and chopped the head off then plucked it and it is in our freezer now ready for our BBQ Tonight:) Then Friday night we got a call to give a guy a blessing who has cancer but is not a member, we got the call to do this from a Mission President in Michigan. We had the address and went to where it should be but could ever find it. We stopped people and used their laptops to find it on google maps and it came up with like three different address? It was so strange.. we started going to all of the addresses and couldn’t ever find it after looking for two and a half hours we had to give up and go home. Then at priesthood meeting Saturday night we had an investigator show up drunk! He was telling Elder Embley that he should be the prophet and that he is going to be the next prophet. Super funny but crazy. We are having a hard time getting people to come to church because they are all illegals and so they are scared to drive, because if they get pulled over then the border patrol will come check them for their papers and if they don’t have papers then they send them back to Mexico! Its crazy how things work around here. I hope all is well for everyone, thanks for all the love and support.
Love, Elder Johnson
 Chicken dinner, anyone??

My Comp eating a "neveronsundae" that we made.  With the food here, I am going to gain sooo much weight.  I already know I have gained some!  My Comp has already put on 25 pounds!!

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