Wednesday, May 28, 2014

May 27, 2014

 Elder Shumway and I shaving our legs!
 This is a "friend" I found in my shoe, it's a camel spider and they get up to 5"!!
My  awesome Zone Leader, Elder Mulitalo

Hey Bo,

That is super cool Brock’s team won the tourney!! Man, I can’t stop laughing about that story with Dad and the bee!!!! I have literally been laughing so hard here in the library! Then Shumway read it and we have been laughing so hard! I can just see Dad saying that and I can’t stop laughing! How did you guys end up in Mona? That sounds like a fun tradition for the babies birthday! How old is the kid now? Saven?? Who is the girl that is coming here on the mission? That is too bad about the baseball team. I wish they could have won it. Did you talk to Mav or anyone at the games?

Things here are going well, our district didn’t have any baptisms this month and now we are having three different ones this week! None of them are me and Shumway’s though because we haven’t even hardly worked in our area lately.. We have been poaching two different guys for the two elders that live in our appt with us so basically we are getting him to the baptism and have gotten him prepared but they knew we were doing it so we have to let them do the baptism. We have seen so many miracles this last week and it has been super awesome. My Spanish is getting a lot better lately and when I start talking in Spanish now I can just talk, I feel like. Time here is flying, Kurt from Sportsman’s told me he saw a thing on FB about me being gone 100 days, I cant believe I have already been out that long! I am only here for 700 days and 100 of them are already gone! Time flies here one the mission. Weeks feel like days and days don’t even exist. I am learning so much though about so many different things and I know that there is no other place I need to be than right here where I am.

I just barely got a call from Haley’s dad! He is going to try to come get us to go get a shake tonight or something, he wanted to take us to dinner but we have a dinner at a members house tonight with that guy that is getting baptized tomorrow so we can’t go to dinner with him tonight. He said he is going to try to stop by and check on me for you no matter what though. Anyways sent ya another letter this morning so you should get that this week. I hope you have a great week Kimbo!

Te amo! Love, Elder Johnson

Wednesday, May 21, 2014

May 19, 2014

Hey Kimbo, 
How is the calling coming? That is so crazy about the stuff down in Mexico! I can’t believe some of the things going on!! Here, we are supposedly one of the most obedient missions, so it is crazy to hear something like those are going on! Sounds like a lot is going on at home right now and things are staying busy! How are Brock’s games going? How is he doing?  This week was a good week. We had some cool things happen to us, we had a goal of 10 referrals the other day and we knocked honestly like 30 doors and only 2 people answered! A lot of people peak out the window and see us then just don’t answer the door, even though we just made eye contact through the window! Chumps! But anyways we didn’t get a single referral then when we were about to go home there was a couple outside cleaning their cars so we stopped and talked to them and asked if we could come back sometime and they said yes, then we asked if they knew anyone else we could go by and they just started naming off people and gave us exactly ten people to go by! It was so crazy!!!! The whole time we were knocking doors that night I kept telling my comp, we will get ten before we go home no matter what, then when there wasn’t any hope that happens! It was super cool, and shows how important just having faith is as we do things. Because we just kept saying somehow we will get those 10 then on the last house we were just trying to get at least one and that happened. Anyways I don’t have anymore time. I hope you have a great week! 
Love, Elder Johnson

Thursday, May 15, 2014

May 12, 2014

 This van was picking up  illegals the other day! The police were there, along
with like 5 border patrol trucks! It was entertaining!

Yeah I think you might have been ignoring me.. haha No it was so great to see you yesterday Kimbo, I have missed you a whole bunch and it was so great to get to talk to you!! No I don’t need any pants as of right now.. but probably in the future with how things are going!:) We tried going tie digging today but the place was closed so maybe another time! I am glad Nae called ya, How is she doing? Do you know if she ever got my letter that I sent her? I hope so. I am glad you will have a girlfriend to sit by at Ty’s games. It is crazy Brock is a Freshman soon.. His voice freaked me out yesterday. I wrote a letter for you this morning and I have some things for you that I will send in a package here soon! It was so great to see you yesterday Mommy, I love you so much. Here are a few pics too. By the way the road in the pic I sent is the road we ride up and down all day, it is a long road that goes to the middle of nowhere!!
Love, Elder Johnson

Wednesday, May 7, 2014

May 5, 2014

Hey Bo!
It sounds like I will be calling around 4 ish Sunday! Maybe a little before or after though, we don’t have a set time really right now! I will be skyping from a members home it sounds like so I am super excited to see you!! I did get the package Nae sent me. We have had a tough week with finding people to teach though. The search for investigators has been pretty tough, our strongest inv that we had was Elvia and she really wanted to be baptized but we found out she was married in Mexico and has not divorced that guy and is living with another guy now. So we said she would have to go and get divorced then get remarried with this new guy before she could be baptized and she said she would do that, but the problem is that she is illegal though so she would have to sneak across the border back down then sneak back across to come back up because she has already gotten in trouble with the border patrol before so it will be almost impossible to baptize her. So we are hoping for a miracle. J, the gay kid we are teaching is doing well and is progressing but just wants to know the commandments because we are just about positive he just wants to know whether or not being gay is okay so the law of chastity lesson should be interesting. Other than that we have been working our butts off but not having much success. Everyone is so lazy here and just say "no I am catholic, or evangelic, or a J Dub" or some other of the thousands of religions down here and don’t want to talk to us. So the work is tough but we will find the success soon as we keep working hard. Anyways I am excited to see ya Kimbo, I don’t have anymore time to email ya so I will talk to ya Sunday!

Love, Elder Johnson