Thursday, March 20, 2014

March 12, 2014

Hey Kimbo,
My week here has been kind of rough, but everything is going alright. The only letter I have gotten is that one from you a couple weeks ago but I haven’t gotten anything since then.  You can do Dear Elder tho,  the kids in my district have been getting Dear Elder letters. Well Sunday night I started feeling sick then the last two days I have been on bed rest.  I didn’t leave my bed Monday unless it was to throw up.  The doctor came and visited me yesterday and gave me some pills to try and they helped me a little bit and I have felt a little better today. They give my comps an excuse note so they have been going to class the last few days and I have just been staying home alone.  Another district brought me in a card yesterday that they had all wrote on which was nice of them. Other than that things have been going alright.  They have a store here with just food and snacks and they get these sweet scripture cases each week at 5 on Fridays and there is one that I have been trying to get each week that is of Moroni and it is sweet so hopefully I can get it this week.  They give us 100 pesos on our card each week to spend in there.  That’s to bad about Uncle Jay, I can barely picture him in my head though.  I wish I could have seen Kev. He would always make me laugh so hard and is always so entertaining!  That’s good Ty is finally deciding to take off the bra and hang out with girls. That’s funny about the Diamond chick too, is she a cute girl? He didn’t have much to say about the other chick either? I’m not to worried about him being married before I get home. I wish I was coming down to Sunshine with you guys this week.  That was always so fun. Lexi and Mac told me they have a room down there and will be going to all of the games so let me know if you see them or run into them down there!  Send me lots of pictures from St George, the only picture I got this week was the one of Kev and the bee.  I love getting pictures and Chase said he will start sending me some of what he is doing now.  If you see Colt and Gus down at Dixie, kick their butts for never emailing me.  They both emailed me like the first week and haven’t emailed me since then.  Chase is the only one of my buddies from home that has been emailing me each week. Ty and Brock didn’t even email me this week so get on some people for me please.  Thanks for the emails Bo, I look forward to hearing from you each week because I know I can always count on you.
Love, Elder Johnson

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