Wednesday, March 5, 2014

March 5, 2014

My breakfast, Dad would love it. It is CHEESE!!
 The Hermana's took my camera!
 Visiting the Mexico City Temple

The Visitors Center at the Mexico City Temple

Hola Bo,
Things here are going pretty good.  The food is starting to get to me a little bit but everything is going well. My comps hand is doing well and now Elder Perkins is in our companionship also since his comp went home. The language is coming along great and I am able to understand it really well for the most part.  When we teach our investigators each morning and most nights I am usually the only one that talks the entire time because my comps can’t speak it hardly at all. But I am able to say most of what I want to try to say though during the lessons in my Spanish which is pretty cool! I did get really frustrated though the other night when we were teaching a lady that volunteered to be a investigator the other night because she would talk sooo fast and slurred her words so badly and I had a hard time communicating with her while my comps just sat their with their teeth in their mouth because I don’t think they even knew what language she was speaking.  The lesson didn’t go terrible, but it didn’t go good either. It was really frustrating though because I thought I was doing so well with my Spanish but then we had that lesson and I didn’t understand much. That group Tyler is moving out with sounds like it would be a really fun group of kids to move out with. Has he moved out now? Try to keep things fun with Brock since nobody is home.  I don’t want him to be bored all the time with nothing to do other than Play Station. How is Ty’s car? Is it a ferry jerry car? or is it alright?  That’s good Chase is around.  He has been emailing me every week and he says things are weird without me around to do stuff with because I was the only one that he liked going with or doing things with.  Tell Tyler to invite him to do things with him if they ever go fishing or hunting or anything. We still play tons of volleyball and the time here is flying! Sorry I don’t have much to say, this week wasn't too exciting and don’t have much to say about it. I hope everything is great at home. That poem you sent me was so funny and I just shared it with all the people emailing with me and they are all dying. Bo, looks a lot like Walker to me, he sounds like he was fun to tend! How is Sadie doing?  Make sure Ty takes out that chick on a date now that he has a new car. Thanks for all the love and support mommy.
Love, Elder Johnson

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