Thursday, February 27, 2014

February 26, 2014

Hola Everybody,
How is everything going at home? Things here have been going pretty good for the most part! We have laughed so much these last few days and things have been pretty funny.  Last night Elder P’s companion went home because he said he was homesick and has been wanting to go home ever since he got here it seems like.  My belly has been feeling not so good these last few days, I think its because of the food, and the amount of it that I have been eating.  I have already gained a little weight which is good.  I have been at the hospital for a few days this last week so I have gotten to weigh myself.  My comp got his hand x-rayed the other day and found out he broke his finger. It was a spiral fracture, I guess, going up the bone so they had to do surgery on it.  We got to the hospital at 9 in the morning and his surgery wasn’t till ten that night.  So that day and the day after were the longest days of my life.  We just sat in a bloody hot room the whole day till he went under the knife.  That night he got back to the room after his surgery at like 1am and then like every hour after that either he was trying to get up to do something or they were bringing him in food or medication so I think I ended up with two hours of sleep that night on the couch in the room.  It was cool though that I got to give him a blessing before he went into a surgery with a nurse here from the CCM.  The next day after the surgery we left the hospital at like 3 in the afternoon and they let us just go and sleep the rest of the day in our house which was nice because I was sooo exhausted.  He is doing fine now with his hand and I have to take off and change the gauze and re wrap it every night in a cast.  So I guess you can just call me Doctor Johnson now.
Some of the funniest things have been going on lately.  The day before my comp got hurt we were studying in our classroom and my comp asked if he could talk to me outside for a sec, so I was just like sure... when we got out there he says, So basically Elder Johnson I need to go change my garments right now.  So I was like, what in the world.?! But I just said alright let’s head back to the casa.  Then when we start walking back I notice that he is freaking waddling like a penguin and I realized he had POOPED his pants!! I had to hold back from bursting out laughing the entire time and we got back to the house and he changed and you could hear him in the bathroom scrubbing his garments.  It was soo funny and me and all the guys in the house have been laughing about it ever since it happened.  Then.. last night, I was changing my sheets on my bed and he was laying on his bed right in front of me because he is on the bottom bunk and I am on the top, and I let out a little fart that stunk soo bad and I knew it stunk so I waited for him to smell it then the second he smelled it, he went to get off his bed and I ripped him in the head with my pillow and just took off running out of the room and Elder P was dying because he saw it all happen and my comp was so mad but it was so funny and he forgave me for it.  We have been having to make our own fun lately because things have been pretty basic and boring here lately.
We taught our new investigator for the first time yesterday and it went soo good.  I was the only one talking to the investigator the whole time because you cant use any English and my comp sucks at Spanish, but the lesson went well and on the first visit I pulled out and asked the baptism question at the end and she committed to baptism on the first lesson, which was pretty sweet because she said no to everyone else that asked her to be baptized in our district.  When I asked her to be baptized she first said no because she has already been baptized because she is catholic, so I went on and taught her about how we follow in the example of Jesucristo by being fully immersed during baptism and then I repeated the baptism question again and she committed to being baptized which felt so good even though it wasn’t a real legit investigator.
I look forward to gym time every day and I am getting pretty freaking good at volleyball.  The group I  play with is pretty dang good so it gets pretty competitive and is always a lot of fun.  I am really enjoying it here at the CCM and I am becoming so grateful for the experience to serve a mission because I have already seen the changes it makes and how much it will help me through my life.  I  have such a great district and we are all really close and good friends which has made it more fun.  I hope all is well for everyone at home and that things are going great for you all.  Thanks for all the love and support.
Love, Elder Johnson
My view of Mexico City from the hospital room
My comp after surgery

The Elders that live in my house

New missionary haircuts for Elder Perkins and me

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