Monday, May 11, 2015

May 11, 2015


Hi Mommy, it was so great to get to see you and talk to you yesterday!! It is kinda crazy that Ty is on one side of the country, I am on the very bottom of the country and you guys are up there but we were all still able to communicate! Your little family has shot all over the country! Here before long though, we will all be back in our NEW home:) Thanks for friending that lady, she was baptized not to long ago and is awesome. She sees that you and Sister Cavasos talk sometimes and she keeps telling me she wants to be able to talk to my mom too! haha She really wants to come up to Utah and visit us when I get back but she has the problem they call "Valley Locked." Because of the 2nd migration border like 10 miles north and the border of the country south so she can’t go anywhere north or south because she crossed over illegally. That is the problem with most of the Mexicans down here. Same with the Cavasos family. That is awesome to hear about Spike and Rachel!! How are they doing? They still in Tennessee?? That is too bad to hear about Sherwin, I hope he doesn’t beat himself up to much over that. Poor Sherwy, there is always something happening with that guy! Sorry, I don’t have much to tell you today, I can’t think of anything I didn’t tell you yesterday that I could tell you! I will send some pics though! I hope you have a great week though!! I am going to send you home a thumb drive with tons of my mission pics for mothers day, I just need to find something to put it in and I will send it to you soon!! I hope you had the best mothers day and I sure hope Daddy and Brockles spoiled you!! I love you mommy!!
Love, Tu hijo

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