Tuesday, June 9, 2015

June 8, 2015

Hey Kimbo how are you doing?? Looks like Daddy got him quite the toy!! What do you think of it? Thanks so much for the package, I just got it a few hours ago!! How is brock liking baseball and basketball?? That is cool that Ty got to go to Fenway park!! How has he been doing? I haven’t heard from him in a while. So is he just out there with that Hansen kid then? Or is he staying with those other kids in that picture also? There are all sorts of things that have happened at home since I have been gone that I would have thought never would happen! Crazy how things go after high school! How is Harley doing? Have you talked to him at all? I didn’t get to watch that video but it looks like that thing at BYU was huge that Brock was in! I am super excited to see the temple!! We will have to go as soon as I get home! Things here are going good, I am sorry... I forgot my card reader again today so I wont be able to send any pictures again today... But I promise next week that I will send tons!! We had a bunch of meetings this last week, one with Pres and all the other ZLs then one with all the zone and then another one with just the district leaders that are in our zone. Things are going really well here and my companion is starting to get a little trunky, he goes home 3 weeks from today which means he has to start making plans to find his wife, it is a commitment that Pres gives to all the missionaries that are going home so that should be pretty fun to hear him talk about what he is going to do to find his woman when he gets home! We are still trying to get to know all the members in the ward here in our area, I know the area, like the streets and what not but since we are both brand new to the ward neither of us know hardly anyone in the ward but we are getting to know a lot of them. We went tie digging this morning and we are going to have a giant dart war with the whole zone for the activity today. We are going to go to the church and use pipes to shoot nerf darts, you can shoot those things super hard, and we are going to have a big war in the gym so that should be a lot of fun! Sorry I don’t have much time to email today, I promise next week will be a lot better, I love you mommy have a great week!!
Love, Tu hijo

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