Monday, October 19, 2015

October 19,2015

Hi Kimbo, how are you doin?? Sounds like mommy could just party this whole last week and nobody would know! haha What did you end up doing all week then? I hope you had time to curl up with a blanky and read a book! Hey I have learned to love to read!! So when I get home that is something I will do with you now! Before the mish I hated anything to do with reading! You need to read the book, The First 2,000 years, written by Skousen. It is a super good book, it is a doctrinal book for the church but it is super good! Or before that you need to read, The Infinite Atonement or The Great Apostasy. They are all super good books I have read here on the mission that I have loved a lot! Thanks for ordering the patriarchal blessings, and hey you guys can’t just lose those! You need to study those consistently! Brock wrote me about Sage, that is super sad!! And super scary!! Its good to hear that he is doing better and that he will be okay.. Tell Brock to always use his head!! I remember coach Kunzler. He was pretty cool. That is good to hear that Brockles is a hard worker, how has he been doing lately? What has he been up to? Sorry I don’t have much time to write, pres just called and is sending us to Corpus right now to pick up a missionary that is going home in the morning for medical reasons, but this last week was crazy as usual but it was super good. We had a meeting with a zone on Tues., another on Wed, another on Thurs. then we came back home on Friday, then Saturday we had to head up to Laredo to do some things for pres and we got home at 1 pm on Sunday from Laredo and our church starts at 1 so it was pretty crazy! We found a super cool family this last week, the mom dad and two of the kids came to church yesterday and today we set up dinner with them at bishops house so that should be great!! We are super excited for them. We are just trying to keep up with them with all the time we are gone on the road but they are doing super good! Yesterday we baptized a 15 yr old boy named Oscar, he was a kid that missionaries had worked with in the past for a long time, and this last week we had a super good lesson with him and we committed him to be baptized on Sunday and he got baptized! This next week we should be baptizing another lady and her daughter so hopefully all goes well. Things here are going good though, this week is when Elder Dube comes down so it should be a crazy week because we will be taking him to tour the mission and work with him to do some training and basically just do anything he asks us to do. I am excited to get to work with him a lot this week! It will be him, Pres Maluenda and my comp and I working together quite a bit so that should be super cool! Anyways, I hope you have a great week mommy, I love you!!

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