Monday, October 5, 2015

October 5, 2015

Hi Kimbo!!
It’s all good, my P day is both Saturday and Monday, we have like a half P day both days, but I will usually email just once and usually it will be Saturday but sometimes on Monday just depends on the week. I watched general conference at the church, it was super good!! How did you guys like it? Yeah, you could tell Pres Monson was struggling a little bit.. I hope he makes it to next conference at least!! That is funny about Izzy with the sock!! I can’t believe she had that sock with her for so long!! Man, Izzy is chiflada (crazy)!! She better not ever get tubby! You guys gotta keep her in shape! That is crazy about the title company, if you could choose an option which would you choose?? I like the part with you owning some of it!! Then we can make it huge and get rich!;) It would be a good little investment though.. Keep me updated with all that! That is funny and sad about what happened in front of Kay's house!! Something I have learned on the mish, is when things go bad to just keep a good attitude. Pres talks a lot about controlling our agency, which is something so simple but so hard at the same time! He talks about how it all comes down to just simple choices we take every day, like when something little happens or something doesn’t go our way, just making the simple decision to have a good attitude makes a huge difference. That is something I have learned on the mish, because there are a lot of things that don’t go our way and I have learned to just keep a good attitude about everything and it has helped me a lot!! And it also helps those around you also that may be going through the same thing. Things here are going great, I am starting to get accustomed to the tiredness which is good! Yeah so this last week, since I am here in McAllen again, I was able to baptize Olgita! I baptized her family when I was here like 6 months ago and she just turned 8 and they were waiting for me to come back to baptize her so when I get here she got baptized!! It was super great to see the Cavasos and Olga and her fam! I love those families a lot!! Yeah I am still going to the gym every morning from 5 till 7 and it is great! I am going to whip you and dad into shape when I get home! I see such a big difference in the days I work out and the days I don’t in the morning, at start you are tired when you work out in the mornings, but after a week or so you feel great every day if you get a good workout in the morning! That is why it is part of the missionary schedule! My goal is to be a solid 200 by the time I go home, right now I am at 191 so I have 9 more lbs to go! I am doing great though, super busy, tons of work but I am loving it all! We will be road tripping like all week this week and the next, then the week after we have mission tour where a general authority comes down and we take him to tour the mission so that should be fun! I hope you have a great week mommy, I love you!!

Love, Elder Johnson


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