Monday, August 31, 2015

August 31, 2015


All the cars in the water had been ruined by the water and so slowly one by one they were pulled out of the water but we had counted, in this one intersection there were 13 cars that had been wrecked by the water!! We spent a lot of the day, helping others push their car out that had been ruined by the water! There were places where we drove in our truck and the water came over the hood!!! Yes it was that deep!!

 That is the border that is touching our tail gate:)

Okay, well here is a little of what has happened this last week: On Wednesday I went and worked in a different area with a couple missionaries to help them with some investigators that they have and it was super cool. I was able to talk and teach a lady and commit her to be baptized on Sunday. I did their baptism interview right then and there and yesterday her and her two kids were baptized!! It was a super cool experience and was super cool to be able to see them be baptized. Then on Saturday and Sunday me and my comp had just a super crazy couple of days! We had 6 baptisms in our zone and we were just running from place to place helping missionaries and we are having some issues with some of the missionaries in our zone and it has just been crazy. I don’t know if we have spent more than an hour in our house that last few days!! Then today the assistants to the president came down and we had a super fun P day, we got permission to go out to South Padre Island for P-day with the APs today and it was a lot of fun!!! I will send lots of pictures of that to y’all. We played some beach volley ball and walked the stores there. We can’t get anywhere near the water of course so that was a little tough! haha But it was a lot of fun going on a little road trip out there. It is about 45 min from our house and we stopped at a big light house on our way out to take some pics because you can go up into the top which is pretty cool! So we did that today, then we got back to town and a giant storm came through with hurricane warnings and it was super crazy and we got a bunch of calls from the missionaries in the zone saying that they are stuck or they are surrounded by tons of water so we had to tell everyone to park their cars and not touch them because with how deep the water was it would just ruin the engines. So then we had to go and pick a bunch of our missionaries up and take them to their apartments since we are the only ones that have a truck so we spent the rest of our day doing that and pushing cars out of the water that had their engines ruined!! Crazy last couple days and tomorrow we head up to McAllen for the next 3 days because we have another couple meetings so we won’t even be in Brownsville this week really then we will be down to the last two weeks of the transfer already. Time just flies by and weeks feel like days right now to be honest!! I am loving the mission and I love being a missionary. I love being able to just serve others all the time and be able to change peoples lives. By doing that I know that it has changed my life more than anything and I love the change it is bringing to me!!

Okay Mommy, I am going to answer every single one of your questions..

1)How are you this week?
1) I have been doing great this week, We saw tons of miracles here in the zone and I got to go and work with a bunch of missionaries in the zone because they had people that could possibly be baptized but the missionaries just weren’t making things happen so I got to go and teach those people and many of them were baptized on Sunday which was awesome!!

2)Did you trap the possums?
2) We haven’t gotten the possums yet, we still don’t have the trap..:(

3)Did you get a package on Thursday? Did it come early enough in the day, before you left for the day? Were the cookies totally destroyed?
3) I got the package, and it came early enough so thanks so much for that!! It was great to get mommies cookies right at my doorstep:)

4)Do you still get to go to the gym?
4) Yes, I just got a gym pass here and I am still getting huge'. :) A member gave me a big thing of protein and I make a dang good protein smoothie lets just say:)

5)Do you ride your bike still? Are you going to sell your bike down there or bring it home?
5) Yes, I do still ride my bike, not very often because our area is huge, and we have to do tons of running around here in the zone since we have so many missionaries here. But we still do have to ride them every so often. I think I will probably ship my bike home, just because it is worth so much more than what I would get if I were to pawn it or something here. Most just ship it home for like 60 bucks so I will probably do that but I haven’t really though about that yet.

6)What do you and your comp eat?
6) Me and my comp don’t eat a whole lot because there is so much work to be done and we don’t get fed by our members here very often, I am losing weight which I am not very happy with because I have a goal to go home at 200 even and I got here to Brownsville at 196 and I am currently like 191 so I just got to go harder in the gym!

7)Do you still see lots of Border Patrol? Do you still drive a truck?
7)Yes we see lots of border patrol here, yes I drive a truck. I will have a truck the rest of my mission because all zone leaders and the APs get trucks so pretty much no matter what I will have a truck which is great. I have been able to drive a truck almost my whole mission!

8)Are you doing lots of teaching or more managing of missionaries?
8) We have been spending lots of time on our missionaries because there are some issues that we have been having but we still are teaching a lot of people also. We are just crazy busy all the time!!

9)Have you had any bad storms/hurricanes?
9)Speaking of storms, yes we had a huge storm today! I sent some pics, let me know if you don’t get them. We spent a lot of our time today pulling people out of the water and helping missionaries that had gotten stuck.. but it was a lot of fun! We spent a lot of our day in water up to about our waist!! And I am not joking!

I still can’t believe that Brock is in high school.. I would make him wait on going to dances, looking back, when I went on that date with that girl a couple months before my bday it just didn’t really feel right to be honest, but I am not his parent! I would just suggest making him wait a bit, being that is what the prophets have said. I cant believe that there are houses coming in by our house!! That is not okay! Have you guys thought of moving at all or is that thought just out of the ideas for now? Are the Olson’s still planning on moving?? That is super funny about Izzy, how did you teach her to do that? She sure is cute, but seems like a little bit of a beast at the same time! I hope you had a great week mommy, I love you!

Love, Tu oso

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