Tuesday, August 4, 2015

August 3, 2015

This last week was a little crazy because we had "mini missionaries" here with us all week. Its actually a really cool thing they do here. What happens is on Monday afternoon all the missionaries here in the stake meet at the stake center and we receive 2 teen aged boys, like 15-18 and they come and serve the entire week with us from 730am till 930pm then a member comes and picks them up to sleep at night just because it is a rule that they cant stay with us. So for the whole week we had 2 fourteen year old kids with us. They were pretty cool kids and we had a lot of fun with them. They both went down hard on the bikes which was funny but kinda sad too! We would split up every day, my comp and I, and we would each have a mini with us and we would go work in our area all day and on Friday when one of the mini's was with my comp, they were racing on bikes and the mini tried jumping on a curb and his back will got caught behind a curb and he went flying over the handle bars into a bunch of poles and ended up having to go home till Sunday and he finished with us for the last few hours of the week, but he was pretty banged up and scraped up his chest pretty badly. Then the one I was with was crossing a busy street one day and all of the sudden his tire just falls off and he eats it right in the middle of the road! He just jumps up and grabs the bike above his head and just went running off the road, because it is as fast road we have to cross but he left the tire there in the middle of the road, so I bailed off my bike and went running out there and grabbed it but after I just couldn’t stop laughing because he was this short little chubby kid that I was with! But it was a fun week, full of crazy stories like those! Then on Saturday we did a little testimony meeting with all the mini's and the missionaries they were with in the zone and it was super cool. The bishops son from the Pharr ward I was in, in my last area, he went on a mini mission and during the testimony meeting he got up and bore his testimony, and he is a kid a worked a lot with because he is a really good kid, but he was into some drugs when I first go there to the area a while ago. But I would take him to lessons with me and I worked with him a lot over the time I was there, then while baring his testimony he said he wanted to thank me because I was the one that completely changed his mind and thoughts and that he will be putting in his papers here in 6 months when he can to head out on his mission. That was something really cool to hear and it made me super happy to hear and see how much he has changed. This last week was a little crazy but super good. But this is what happened this last week!! Have a good one y’all!

Love, Eder Johnson

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