Monday, August 10, 2015

August 10, 2015

Sorry, I have to write just a general letter out to everyone because I only have like a half hour to email today because we have to go pick up the new missionaries that are coming into the mission today! I am super excited to do that! President Maluenda asked if I could go with the AP's to help them drive an extra vehicle back full of Greenies because there are a lot of new ones coming in! This last week was super busy and super crazy but it was great. Yesterday we had 12 investigators at church which was super cool! We found a family of 6 that just recently had their mother pass away and they are super cool and they are doing well. They came to church yesterday and the dad loved it and said he would be here at church every week now, so hopefully we baptize them soon! My only worry is that they send me out of the area and I don’t get to see them be baptized! Savannah is doing great, she came to church for the first time yesterday and loved it, she just has super bad anxiety so that is the only thing that has held her back from coming to church, but she is doing really well. Right now we have so many people we are working with and in the next 3 weeks here in our area we should have like 7 baptisms, so lets just hope I stay! Even though I have been here in the McAllen area for 9 months now... I have no idea yet where it is I am going or if I am even leaving, but I imagine I will be leaving with how long I have been here! My comp is pretty dead, but he is doing well. We had a leadership training this last week and it was super great, I am stuck on the fact that my mission pres will be an apostle one day. He is just something else and you cant really understand it till you are with him in a training or receiving counsel from him. Today will be crazy because we have to get 18 new missionaries around then we have got to have all of them sleep in our apt tonight and get them all to the transfer meeting tomorrow! I am doing well though, each week keeps going by faster and I really don’t like it! But I am learning so much and I am loving it here!! It is bloody hot and you sweat the second you step out of the door right now but I am getting pretty use to it! I am worried that when I get home that I am going to freeze!! Well sorry this is such a short email and it is super brief, I just really have to hurry. I promise to write you a better letter next week!! I love you!

Love, Elder Johnson

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