Tuesday, August 25, 2015

August 24, 2015

Hi Mommy how are you doing?? That is pretty cool what Dad and Ty did to you!! I got a pretty good laugh about it as I read it! I cant believe Gunnar is home!!!! It is freaking me out more and more each week because someone is either getting married or getting home off of the mission! Crazy how fast time flies and all that is going on! That is super good to hear that Christian is going on a mission. There is an elder here that played football with him at SUU and know Christian also so I will have to tell him about that. That is crazy about what happened at Judy’s house, is Howard doing anything about what is going on? Or is he just letting them do whatever they want? That is good to hear that you guys got some stuff, it sucks that you had to pay for it but it is still good to hear that you got some of it. Wait, so are you in the primary presidency or the relief soc presidency?? I thought the relief society but then I just read primary. Are you excited for your new calling? Like will you still get to go to our ward or will you be going to other wards a lot?? My momma is a boss! haha Okay, I am super sorry I haven't gotten to write a good email for a while.. Things here have been so crazy lately and I have only had like 10 minutes a week to jump on and email but today I finally have some time to write like normal. Things here are going really well, I live in the house like I mentioned last week and it is a pretty old house but it is actually pretty big! It is a lot of fun living here, other than we have possums in the back yard that we are on a hunt for! haha We have a member that is bringing a trap to us soon so that we can catch all of them:) My area is called Southmost, so I imagine you can guess where it is if you look where I live at on the map, it is most south point of the US and it is a pretty interesting place! It is great though, the border of the US is our whole southern border of our area so it keeps things interesting! I am really enjoying it down here though, me and my comp get along really well and we are having a lot of fun! This last week we left to go to McAllen on Monday afternoon and didn't get back till Friday night so it has been an interesting week! It just flew by so so so fast and I cant believe it is Monday again already!! The meeting in McAllen was great, we had a leadership meeting all day tues, wed and thurs and President Maluenda just knows how to blow our mind. After every meeting all of us leaders just repent a whole lot then go out and work harder than ever before! My companion and I are changing a lot of things down here in Brownsville. He was down here last transfer with an Elder that was going home and the zone really suffered a lot from that missionary that was going home so when I got sent here President Maluenda gave me some special things that he wanted me to change down here so we have been so so busy every day but things have been going great. I love, the mission and I am grateful for all of the crazy experiences I am having down here! I hope you have a great week mommy, and HAPPY ANNIVERSARY!! I can’t believe you guys have been married for 25 years!;) But for reals though, I am so grateful for you and dad!!! I honestly could not think of a better set of parents a kid could have. I love you guys so much and I am so thankful for everything!!!

Love, Elder Johnson

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