Monday, August 17, 2015

August 17, 2015

Well, this last week has been crazy, and I am so sorry but we are leaving here in 10 minutes to head up to McAllen for a meeting all week. It starts early in the morning and we won’t get back home till Friday afternoon. It is a meeting for all of the leaders of the mission and it is always a super good meeting that we have every 3 months. Well yes, as you can probably tell I am not in McAllen anymore!! After 9 months of being there they finally kicked me out! I was pretty bummed at the same time though because there is a family of 6 we were teaching in my last area that is going to get baptized next week, along with a girl that is getting baptized tomorrow in my last area and also with an 18 yr old kid. We had begun seeing tons of success then they kicked me out and sent me back down here to BROWNSVILLE! The most southern tip of the US!! A missionary just died here this last transfer and I am here with his comp now and we were put here to fix some things and our zone has 30 missionaries in it so it is pretty dang big! We have SO SO SO much to do and we have been so incredibly busy this last week trying to get everything going but things are going really well. I really like my Comp, his name is Elder Boyer and he is from Orem. Here are just a couple pics, this last week I had to go with the APs to go pick up the greenies, then the other one is when we left McAllen to come down here to Brownsville. It has been such a crazy week, but I promise next week I will tell you more!! Also, we live in a house down here since we are the zone leaders for this zone and it is super sick, it is really old but it is pretty dang cool that we get to live in a house! I will send some pics of it next week!! I hope y’all have a great week!! I love you!!

Love, Elder Johnson

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