Monday, July 27, 2015

July 27, 2015

So this is my family, when you get a new missionary, he is called your son and the trainer is called his papi, usually if you are lucky you might have a grandson, meaning your son starts training before you go home, but I already have a grandson and it is possible that I have a great grandson, which has never happened before here in this mission! I got to work a day with my son and my grandson in their area so it was a super fun day!!

I don’t have much time today so i just wanted to send out an email about what is going on here in McAllen. Things here are going really well, in the zone we had tons of baptisms which was a lot of fun! I also got to go and work for a day with my son, Elder Duerst, and also his son that he just got, so my grandson!! They work in an area where they only have bikes and right now here in Texas we are in what is called the Canicula, that is what it is called in Spanish but I don’t know what it is called in English, but it is the hottest 30 days of the year down here so it is pretty bloody hot here. But anyways since it was so hot I spoiled my son and his son and I took them in the truck for most of the day then we just rode bikes for like 3 hours. Right now things are going well with our investigators. We are working with a family of 8 right now where the parents are members and a couple of the kids are members but a lot of the kids haven’t been baptized and the parents are less active, but yesterday it was really cool because at the start of sacrament meeting the whole clan came walking in and filled up like 3 benches. We are working with some of the kids to be baptized, the parents are thinking about getting in a divorce but since we have been visiting them things have gotten a lot better and now they are giving it more thought, so hopefully we can save the marriage. They are a really cool family and we love them a lot so I hope they continue to come to church! Things with Savannah are going well, tomorrow we are having a FHE in the home of other members and she is excited so that should be a lot of fun! I hope she continues because her husband wants her to be baptized sooo badly and he wants to get sealed to her in the temple so that is what is going on with Savannah. So this last week, I got permission to get a gym pass, since I am in my last 6 months now, I have to start my "6 months to sexy" :) We go every morning at 5 am and workout till 7, right now I am soo sore but I am loving being able to go to the gym!! I am going to come back ripped just you wait;) But for reals though!! Right now we have a missionary in our zone that is thinking about going home because he wants to play college basketball really badly, so I have been asked to work with him a lot since I might go back and play baseball and so the mission president put him in my zone to work with him a lot, because he has to decide to go home or not by next week, so I am worried about him but I am learning a lot and he is changing a lot so hopefully I can get him to stay, because I know that it is exactly what he needs right now. We have changes happening here in just under 2 weeks, I cant believe how fast time is going.. it is freaking me out down here!! I hope everyone is doing well though, I love you!!

Love, Elder Johnson

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