Monday, July 13, 2015

July 13, 2015

Hi Mommy how are you doing?? That puppy looks pretty dang cute and looks like it is a lot of fun! I am so glad that daddy loves her.. he always acts hard and tough on the outside but I am sure on the inside he just loves that thing to pieces!! That is crazy that Brockles is going through drivers ed and going is driving you guys around!! I can’t believe that the twins are now 16 and legal to drive!! What are Olson’s going to do? Like are they going to get them each their own car to drive or what?? Ty sent me some pics of the temple there in NY, looks like that would be a pretty cool experience, how is he liking it out there?? I am glad Chase talked to dad, Chase really needs a good parent figure in his life, and he always told me that he has looks up to you and dad so much for help and guidance and he really loves you guys a lot and would always ask me what you guys what think of things. Have you talked to him recently?? Well when KK gets engaged tell him he can’t get married till after I get home!!! This last week was a pretty good week. I got to have my interview with President and it was soo amazing. He is such an inspired man and just knows how to go about things. He asked me to read a part of my patriarchal blessing to him and he explained some things and he promised me that he would read my whole blessing on my final interview with me when I am going home, and missionaries always ask him to do that but he always says no, but he promised me he will do that with me and explain some things so I am super excited for that!! Yesterday I had a really neat experience, we were going over to the building where I was going to church for the last 6 months in my old area because some of the elders in our zone had a baptism, so we went over there and I ran into Bishops wife and their family and they asked me to give a blessing to their boy that was in some trouble a while ago but is a really good kid and is an amazing soccer player down here. So I gave him a blessing, and after she sat down all of the youth from the ward and grabbed her son and had me sit in a chair and she wrapped his arms around me and she was holding onto him because she knows she can’t give me a hug, and she told all the youth how she loves the missionaries and they are always just like her kids, but that I am a very special missionary and have changed the life for her family and especially her sons life as he is now planning on serving a mission and is going to mission prep and everything and just told everyone how much her and her husband love the changes they have seen in their son that came from me working with him and him coming out to lessons with us so it was just a really neat experience getting to go back and hear about all the great things that are going on in their family now and what their son is doing with his life now. It was a good week, we are just always super busy but things are going great. I hope you have a great week, I love you mommy!
Love Tu oso

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