Monday, July 20, 2015

July 20, 2015

 Me and my reeper, just cuttin' the back lawn for a member!

Hey Kimbo, How are you doing?? Looks like Izzy is quite the stinker but she does look like she would be hard to get mad at though! What have you guys been doing to try to get her to learn to go outside to pee?? I will send an email soon to Jace to see how he is doing. I sent an email to Kath but I haven’t heard anything back from her though. I cant believe it is Fiesta Days again already... Time is going by soooo so so fast here!! Things here are going really good right now in the zone. We did a little activity for an hour this last week just to get everyone pumped up and yesterday as a zone we brought 22 investigators at church which is more than what we have had at church in a super long time. So that was super good to see all the success the zone had this last week. We also had to change some of the area in our zone and President Maluenda just left it up to us with how we thought it should be done then just to check with him to make sure that is what should be done so we have spent tons of time with a bunch of the missionaries trying to figure out things with areas and how we should change them so it has been a lot of work just sitting in the office making changes. So this last Saturday we had a lesson with a guy in our ward that has a wife that is not a member and she has been taught off and on by missionaries before but never make it very far so they just give up, but on Saturday we were on exchange so I was with another elder in the zone and we went by and I just talked a lot about eternal families and how she could be sealed to her husband and little 3 yr old boy and half way through the lesson she started getting tears in her eyes and she said that is something she really really wants and I talked to her about being baptized and she said it is something she wants to work towards now. She is a super sweet lady but just hasn’t had any interest in the church before and when we talked about the sealing in the temple it really caught her interest and she said she wants to start the discussions with us. I am super excited to start working with her, she would be such a cool convert to have because I know that on her year mark she would be wanting to head to the temple. So keep Savannah in your prayers!! Things are going well here and time is just going by to quickly. Here in 3 weeks I will have to start my 6 months to sexy and get rid of this little belly I have going! I am hoping to get permission from pres to go to the gym because I want to try to come back huge and go play baseball somewhere. Usually if you want to play a sport after the mission he gives you permission to get a gym pass and you can go in the mornings. Things are great, and I hope everyone is doing well at home. I love you mommy!

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