Monday, December 29, 2014

December 29, 2014

 Skyping with Elder Johnson on Christmas Day!
Christmas party for the McAllen Texas Mission

Hey Kimbo!!
It was so great getting to see you this week and talk to all of you guys! Yeah the Searle’s are great, she grew up down in Mexico but then ended up in Utah because of her dads work and met her husband who was very less active at the time then missionaries found them and she got baptized and have a lot of the same story of you and dad actually! They are a super cool family. Yeah we ended up eating 4 times on Christmas day, all after 2 in the afternoon and each meal was huge with desert and everything! haha It was a lot of fun though. Yeah I got the package from Brooke. That was super nice of her to send me that. Sounds like New Years should be a lot of fun with all of them. I have Christmas cards I want you to give to all of them and yes I know they are late but ni modo! So I will get those sent out today. We had a fun week, we went out caroling to a lot of our members, and the sisters in my district made a lot of sweets so that we could give our members something when we sang on their door step. The members loved that, but caroling can be pretty awkward!! haha And we had a breakfast Christmas morning at the church and I and the zone leaders cooked up tons of eggs and pancakes for the whole Zone then we went and started eating at members houses at 2 and that is pretty much all we did the rest of the day!! We went to five different members houses and each one of them fed us, 4 of them fed us a huge meal! That was pretty much our Christmas though! Then I had to talk in our Spanish ward yesterday and then right after the bishop came and asked if we could teach the gospel principles class also so it was a pretty busy day at church. This week for New Years is actually the only time we get to ever watch a movie on the mission!! On New Years night since we can’t be out on the streets, we are all going to a church and watching Frozen!!!! I am so excited!! So that should be a lot of fun but other than that we won’t be doing a whole lot. Things are going good here and I cant believe how fast time is going right now! I am loving my mission and I am loving the changes it is making in my life. I know I will be the big biggest convert of my mission. I hope you guys had a great Christmas! It was so great to see all of you and be safe this week!! I love you!!

Love, Elder Johnson

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