Monday, December 8, 2014

December 8, 2014

Hey Kimbo, How are you doing?? That story about that lady and her daughter is sooo cool!!! That sounds like such an amazing experience and you guys are going to bless her life so much!! I definitely have the coolest family and makes me so happy to read a story like that!! I hope she has a great Christmas now, you will have to keep me updated with how everything goes with that! Well I am now in a place called Alamo, it is very close to McAllen, it is really just a suburb of McAllen so we actually go to church in the building where out mission office is and the Presidents family is in our English ward. I am the district leader over 4 sister missionaries, so I am what they call a Relief society president;) My area is super big, we cover Alamo, San Juan and Pharr. They are 3 smaller cities but I get to drive a brand new truck too though:) My Comp is Elder Eisenhut, he is from Southern California, he is super new in the mission also, he has been in the mission for about 4 months and he is a pretty cool guy. He was actually in Edinburg here before so we are doing what is called a white wash because we are both new to the area and so everything has been a little bit different this last week! We just had a list of names of members and a map when we got here so we have been just trying to find all the members and get to know them. We have a lot of super cool members here in our area, the Spanish Ward is a strong ward and we have a lot of cool members in our area that are in that ward. I am going to be getting fed a lot more than I was in my last area, so I am hoping to put on some more weight:) I don’t think that will be to big of a problem though! haha Things are going good though, I feel like I haven’t had a second to sit down and relax at all because some of the sisters in my district are having problems and so they are always calling and needing help. I have to do follow ups every other night just to see how the areas are doing and usually should take like 15 minutes a piece but they have been taking about a half our a piece so I am on the phone for like an hour every night with them trying to help them figure out things in their area! Its all good though, they are great sister missionaries and I think will start figuring things out and pick things up soon. Not much has happened this last week though other than me getting moved down here close to McAllen and getting a new comp! Things are going good though and I am loving my mission!! I am almost to 10 months which is crazy for me to think about, time is flying!! Sorry I don’t have much more to say, I will say more next week! Have a great week Mommy, I love you!!
Love, Elder Johnson

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