Monday, December 22, 2014

December 22, 2014

Hi Kimbo

How are you doing?? I am doing great, things here with Elder Eisenhut have been going great. We have been having a lot of fun together, especially with a lot of the members here and our investigators. We have found 17 new investigators the last two weeks!! We also have a lot of really cool members in our area which makes things a lot of fun. We only have one English active member in our area, they are the Searl’s and are a super cool family. We will be skyping from their house on Thursday, it will probably be around 4ish maybe a little earlier or a little later but we aren’t for sure because we are waiting for the Searl’s to respond right now. I am in the McAllen Zone, which covers McAllen till Mercedes and everything between. I am really close to McAllen right now and we go to church for our English ward where the mission office is and that is where we have all of our district meetings and what not. Right now because there are a lot of missionaries coming in so we have been having workshops like every day to help improve teaching skills, so I have to give a few training’s every week for 2 hours a piece which has been a lot of work but they have been going good. The Sisters in my district have been having a lot of problems lately, well they have been doing good but just haven’t been bringing any people to church and haven’t been finding any new investigators so I have had to get on them quite a bit because I cant stand a lazy missionary and I am worried they might be getting a little floja. But I will be fixing that!! The Christmas party was a lot of fun, Elder Shumway is in Edinburg right now which is just like a half hour away so we had the Christmas party with them, each zone makes a skit to do during it and they were all so dang funny. Look up Prancercizing, on Youtube, that is what I did during the skit with a few other elders;) Then they do a white elephant exchange which was fun too, I didn’t get anything good but it was still fun!! That is funny about Brock and the elves on the Heber Creeper, what else have you guys been up to?? What has baby Brockles been doing? How is he liking basketball?? We don’t have a whole lot of plans for this week, we are going to have a breakfast with the zone on Christmas morning, then hopefully we can fill up our schedules with members after that because if not we just have to work like normal. Other than that we don’t have a whole lot of plans. I got the packages and I will open the one with the X on it on Christmas eve then the other one on Christmas morning!! What is Brock wanting from Santa?? What are you and dad wanting from santa? Well any other questions for me Kimbo??? I am so excited to get to see you guys and talk to you guys here in just a few days!! I will have just 45 minutes just so you guys know, I wish I had longer but President has said just 45 minutes. I can’t wait to see you, I love you Kimbo!!!!

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