Monday, December 1, 2014

December 1, 2014

Hey Kimbo,
How are you doing?? How is everything going? How was Thanksgiving this last week? Yeah I think I have gotten all of the packages then, thanks so much for everything you have sent Mommy!! I really do appreciate everything. I am sorry I have been so bad at getting a letter out to you, I have to drive a lot on P days going up to Laredo and back from Zapata and that is when all the other elders write their letters so I haven’t had the time to write at all. Hope in my new area I will have the time to do that! That is crazy about the dodge ball tournament!! That thing is always so crazy every year, that is the same team we played in the championship last year, I think that is why it was so much fun to beat them! haha What did Ty do different to get thrown out? When I get back we will have to go and beat them again to humble that team a little bit..;) Yeah, So I found out yesterday that I will be leaving Zapata already, I though I would be staying for sure because my companion has been here a lot longer than I have but I will be taking off first thing in the morning. I still have no idea where it is I will be going but I sure am going to miss Zapata. On Friday I got a call from the mission president telling me that I have been called to be a new district leader, so I am excited for that. I had to go all the way down to McAllen on Saturday morning for a training with the President and the other elders that were called to be district leaders. I was super surprised to get that call on Friday because usually District leaders are called a lot later in the mission, in the meeting on Saturday the next youngest missionary was still way over his year mark so I am a little nervous but I am excited too. I imagine that is the main reason why I am leaving my area again. Yesterday was great, it was a great way to end my last Sunday here in Zaptata. We had 5 baptisms!! Me and my comp had 5 and the other companionship here had 2 so we dunked 7 people in the lake yesterday! We are still waiting for the guy to pay his probation, and there is actually another guy that is the boyfriend of a girl I baptized yesterday that is on probation but wanted to get baptized so badly yesterday.. he was crying on Saturday night because he wanted to be baptized so badly.. it was super tough, but he made me promise that I would come back when he get off of probation here in a year and baptize him. It was a very cool Sunday and a great way to go out. I am excited to hear where I am going but a little nervous too! Thanksgiving, we had a lunch up in Laredo, a branch puts on a lunch for the missionaries every year, so we went to that then got back home and ate with a family that was recently baptized, the V family and that night S (our recent convert) wanted to take us out to the steakhouse but we found out it was closed.. So we had a great Thanksgiving here, I was hoping to stay here for Christmas but I am getting shipped out!!! Anyways that’s a little of what went on this week.. I will let you know where I am next week! Thanks so much for everything Kimbo, be safe and know I love you so much!! Have a great week!!
Love, Elder Johnson

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