Monday, December 15, 2014

December 15, 2014

Hey Kimbo how are you doing?? How is everything going there at home? Sounds like you are staying busy between church, work and this lady you are taking care of! Yes that is very normal for ladies to pull out all of their remedies!! Haha they have all sorts of funny ideas of how we get sick and things to do to help you feel better, I think they might help but who knows sometimes! What did she have to get surgery on? How long will she be staying here in the US?? You guys need to get some missionaries over there, or bring her to church or something:) Things here are going good, I am loving the new truck I am driving and things are going good here! We have found tons of new people to teach this last week, we found twelve new investigators and two really cool families. I really hope these families will continue to accept the gospel in their life because they could be such cool families to add to the cool Spanish ward here. I have to say I love Spanish members a lot more than English members for the most part, pretty much every single Spanish member is illegal here in the valley and are all converts and the best part is that they love feeding missionaries:) We have a lot of cool Spanish members in our area so we get fed just about every night by someone from the Spanish ward. It is amazing how most of these people will live in a tiny little shack or little trailer but are so willing the feed the missionaries so much and do anything for the missionaries. That is something that I have seen a lot here in the valley, there are so many strong members that are just trying to make it day to day, but when it comes to doing something for the missionaries, they will do just about anything. They love the missionaries so much because that is how they got introduced into the gospel and they love the church so much. Things with my new comp are going great, he is very young in the mission, he is starting his third transfer but things have been going great with him. I am teaching him quite a bit of Spanish and he is learning it really well. We have been working really well together and the members are starting to love us. We actually had a really cool experience this last week, we went and found a family that has been sealed in the temple and everything but is very less active. We sat down and found out why they stopped coming to church three years ago, then we talked about the sacrifice of Jesus Christ with them and the dad started crying and then yesterday the entire family showed up to church. It was the first time in over three years that the whole family had come all together! They are a very cool family, just needed a little jacking from the Spirit and sure hope they continue to come each week!! Anyways I hope you have a great week Kimbo, I am soooo excited to skype you here in a little over a week!!! I love you!!!
Love, Elder Johnson

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