Wednesday, January 7, 2015

January 5, 2015

Hey Kimbo How are you doing?? How was your week!? Sounds like you guys probably had a fun time on New Year’s!! What all did you guys do? That sounds like quite the group, I can only imagine what Kevin was up to!! ha-ha And I can picture Ty perfectly running around saying Christmas vacation is over!! Tell daddy I can see his belly even though he is sucking in in the picture in the cowboy stuff, he told me that thing would be gone by the time I got home!! He better get on that!! Yeah, I talk to Harley, Gunnar, Logan, Gus, Zac Lundell and Halley all a little bit every few weeks through email. That is super sad to hear about my baby Sadie girl!! I hope she at least makes it till I get home, what do they think? I love my little Sadie girl! I hope she is okay! But also I remember a promise from mommy about a lab puppy when I get home so I guess that will be a replacement whether she is here or not when I get home! Poor Sader-tot!!!! This last week was good, on New Year’s Eve we got to watch FROZEN!!!! It is the first time I have seen it, and it is the only time we get to watch any movie or TV during the mission is on New Year’s Eve to get us off of the streets and let me just tell you I love Frozen!!! Probably because I have been so movie deprived but it was great. Yesterday we had a family of 8 come to church that are investigators too! It was super cool to see them at church and there were little Spanish ladies running everywhere taking the kids to their classes and watching the ward engulf the family was super cool to see. Then last night I tried menudo for the first time, menudo is a Mexican dish that they usually make during holidays or special occasions and when we went to a member’s house last night that is what she made for us!! It is cow intestine in a soup and it was disgusting I have to be honest. I just shoved it down as fast as I could but my comp struggled so badly with it!! And had the hardest time putting it down!! ha-ha it was a very interesting meal appointment I have to say! ha-ha But things are going good here, this last week was a pretty boring week so I don’t have too much to say but I hope you have a great week!! I love you!!
Love, Elder Johnson

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