Monday, January 12, 2015

January 12, 2015

Hey Kimbo, How are you doing?? What have you been up to all week? That is crazy about the Miranda Sanchez!! She is in the Zone leaders area I just found out because they are sitting right next to me but I don’t know exactly who she is. I have an idea of who she is I think but I can’t picture her face so I will have to find her on Sunday and ask her about that! That is super cool! That is good to hear that Rustin got back out and is serving still, where is he at on his mission?? Yeah we have been getting rained on sooo much down here!!! It has been raining non stop almost all week and it has actually been pretty cold! That is good to hear that Rod is still driving the Ranger! This last week was good, we have found a lot of really cool people to teach. We found a girl named J and she is the first person we have taught so far in English! She is a super cool lady, she is 23 and has a little 3 year old boy named Evan that is a little stud but she really wants to be baptized and the very first lesson we had with her she asked if we could give her a Book of Mormon right then and wanted to take a picture with us holding the Book of Mormon after our first lesson and everything so it was very cool!! She came to church yesterday and enjoyed it and is looking good to get baptized really soon! Things have been going super good though, we found a couple really cool families this week and we are excited to start teaching them. It has been raining all day every day down here and we have an area where it is just all dirt roads and they were all under water so it was kinda crazy walking around there trying to get around to some members and thank goodness I get to drive a truck or else we would have gotten stuck very quickly!! I don’t know if I am getting moved tomorrow yet or not and we don’t know when we will find out so aver que pasa!! I hope you have a great week though, I will try to get a letter out to you soon mommy, I am sorry I have been so bad at writing!!:( I love you!! Be Safe!!
Love, Tu hijo mas guapo

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