Monday, January 19, 2015

January 19, 2015

Me and the ZLs cookin up breakfast for the zone on Christmas morning:)

Hey Kimbo How are you doing?? How is everything going up there?? What have you guys been up to? That sounds like a fun day going up on the Frontrunner to see Meet the Mormons! Have you and Brockles both already seen it? That sounds like Brock had a great time at the Jazz game, he told me a little about it. That is cool they got to sit so close. There is actually a lady in my area we have been working with that is a less active member but has 3 kids that need to be baptized and she is the niece of Karl Malone!!! She used to follow the Jazz everywhere and she would go with him and go to all of his games. Yes I will write you back soon, I am sorry I have been so bad a writing letters!!!! I feel like I don’t have time on P days but I will try to make some time today to send one out! So I can't give you my number for Mark to call us, he will have to go through the mission office to ask if he can take me to do something, usually that has to go through the mission president. Things here are going good right now, J is supposed to be getting baptized this Sunday but the ward is having a fuss over it because it is stake conference and there are supposed to be tons of people here because an apostle is coming but we could still do the baptism before or after but they don’t want to so we will see what happens with that. She is doing great though, she really likes the church, just wants to keep learning more because she wants to feel really ready to get baptized. So we will continue to work with her this week and hope we dunk her soon!! She is awesome though, and her little boy E is awesome, he grabbed my finger after sacrament meeting and asked if I could take him to class! haha He is a funny little dude! So this Saturday Elder Oaks will be coming down to McAllen!! I am super excited to hear him, we have a meeting with him on Saturday with all the missionaries so it will be fun to see all the missionaries at the same time! Then Sunday in the stake where I am at he will be talking again! And also since I am serving so close to the mission office and that is the chapel we do our meetings in with the district I will probably get to be around him a lot! So I am excited for that this weekend! I will let you know how that goes! Things are going great here though, I hope everything is going good there! I hope you have a great week mommy! I love you!
Love, Tu hijo mas fuerte

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