Monday, January 26, 2015

January 26, 2015

Hi Kimbo!!!
What are you up to today? How is my little Sader Tot doing?? That makes me sad to hear that she isn’t doing very good...:( Did you and Dad get my letters I wrote to you?? That is cool to hear you went to the temple last week, I want to go so badly!!! I have learned so much here on the mission and I feel like I would understand everything in the temple so much more now! Meet the Mormons is really good, was that the first time you had seen it or had you seen it before?? Have you gotten most of the those cards sent out? I kept forgetting to send them out so tell them sorry for me since they are like a month late;) that is super cool to hear Bro Lewis is the new Stake Pres!! I had a pretty big feeling that it would be him! He is awesome and will do great, and he will be the one that will be the one that makes me take my tag off:( That is crazy that there was Jason’s wedding the other day.. I feel like I am way to young still to even get close to marriage! How did everything go?? Things here are going pretty good right now, J did not get baptized yesterday because she didn’t pass her baptism interview, she has a few problems with worthiness issues, so she will be having an interview this Friday with the Mission Presidente, President Maluenda and he will decide if she is ok to be baptized this weekend. I am sorry but I left my card reader at home so I don’t have any photos to send of her or her little boy. She is doing really well though, just has to talk to the mission president to make sure she is repentant of a few things. This last week was great, we had Elder Dallin H. Oaks here! Saturday we had a meeting with him and all the missionaries in the mission which was great. He is quite the goofball! haha he is a really funny guy which was kinda surprising because
he seems so stern in his talks! But because the mission office is so close to my area and that is where we go to church and do everything, we were actually able to be around him quite a bit! We got to hear him talk in the Stake Conference again on Sunday and we got to talk to him a lot between Friday and today because he was usually around the mission office where we always are and we got to have quite a few personal chats with him:) Other than that we didn’t have a whole lot happen here though this last week, J should hopefully be getting baptized this next week so I will make sure to send you pics of that! Sorry I don’t have much to tell you this week, next weeks will be better I promise! I love you mommy!! Have a great week!!
Love, Tu Oso

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