Monday, February 2, 2015

February 2, 2015

 Teaching J in a tent!
 J's baptism
 A drawing from J's niece-the More Men's and J!!

I am doing great, how are you doing Mommy?? I am glad you got my letters, I will try to write you guys again today because we don’t have much to do with some changes that happened here. I am still here in my same place though. Yeah, we were at some member homes last night and they had the Super Bowl on and they updated us of what was going on the whole time because we couldn’t watch it of course.. Sounds like you guys had a good time though! I don’t like that they are going to be putting up houses at the end of the road... I love the idea of having quail in the backyard though and nobody to bug us down there! The Olson’s are on a trip, or what are they doing down there? I feel bad for the baby Sadie.. I hope she gets feeling better!:( Mommy is doing zumba?? Wow! That is super big down here, little Spanish women love it! How do you like it so far? This last week was great, yesterday we had the baptism of J which was super cool. We had a bunch of problems with the English ward here, which is where she got baptized. They want investigators to come to church for months before they get baptized and want all this extra stuff done to make baptisms really difficult to have in their ward. This is also the ward where my mission president goes and he can trump anyone’s decision about whether or not someone can get baptized. So to make a long story short, J had to have 4 interviews before she got baptized when normally it is just one, with a zone leader or district leader. But my comp Elder Eisenhut did his first baptism yesterday which was super cool. I told him one of our first days together that he was going to baptize someone while we were together because I wanted to see him baptize his first person and that is what happened yesterday! Also to make things better, President Maluenda (mission Pres) came to our baptism also! It is the first time I have ever heard of him attending a baptism of a missionary, usually because he is always so crazy busy but him and his whole family came to our baptism and it went really good. I imagine he came because he had a couple interviews with her and got to know her a little but it was cool to have him there. Also during testimony meeting yesterday J got up and bore her testimony which was super cool so it was a really cool day yesterday. Also we had some big changes happen here where I am at. They took out some missionaries and gave us like triple our area to cover now. We will no longer be going to the English ward at all, we are only going to be working with Spanish people which is going to be great. They took out the other district leader in the area and gave me the sisters in his district so I added two more sisters to my district which will be just wonderful! But I am excited to just work with the Spanish ward, they are all converts and all know how missionary work needs to go. This last week was a lot of fun though, and I hope you got my pictures to see a little more of what is going on here! I hope you have a great week though! I love you mommy! Be safe!

Love, Tu oso:)

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