Monday, February 9, 2015

February 9, 2015


Hey Kimbo como estas? Como le va todo alli? Yeah the sisters are keeping be real busy and I am having to do a lot of companionship studies and interviews and what not but things are going good though! That is cool that you are friends with my comp’s parents on facebook now, I talked to them for a few minutes on Christmas and they are super nice. That is cool to hear they were excited about the baptism, because that was his very first one! Elder Eisenhut is great and we get a long really well, I am not sure if we will stay together though this next coming transfer which is in just two weeks so we will see what happens! So MLR is a recent convert here in my area and is amazing so add her for sure and have Tyler translate for you and talk to her she is awesome. They feed us every Friday and they are a great family that got baptized like 5 months ago. That is sad to hear about my little puppy Sadie, I hope she is okay:( That is really cool to hear that Matt Valdez got baptized, I wasn’t sure if he was a member or not. Yeah, here at the church where we serve there is a member that does a zumba class every morning and so a bunch of the members go and do zumba in the morning, but of course it is in Spanish so it is probably a little different;) How do you like it? Don’t hurt yourself while you are there in the mornings;) Yeah I got the hump day box and opened it already, thanks so mucho for sending me that! You know I love me some fritos and bean dip! haha No I cant think of anything I need right now, I might ask for a new set of English scripts for my birthday or something but right now I am fine! Well this last week with the changes that happened and with our area growing so much things have been a little crazy. I have had to help the sisters in my district quite a bit to figure out what they are going to do with the new areas that they have and what not. We have tons of new members here in our new area also which means we get fed a lot more!! On Thursday it was awful. We had 4 meal appointments but they were all between the hours of 4 and 8. That may not sound that bad, but the Mexican people love feeding missionaries so much food!! And if you don’t ask for seconds they get worried you don’t like their food so you have to eat at least two full plates at every house. The last house we ate at of the night we could barely move and we struggled so badly trying to shove the food down our throat. And we felt sooo sick. When the member got up to go into the kitchen my comp hurried and got up and threw his plate in the trash and covered the food so the member couldn’t see it because he couldn’t finish the plate, I just slowly put it down then when we got back to the apartment my comp went into the bathroom and gagged himself with his toothbrush because he felt so sick from all the food we ate! It made us feel sick for like the next two days even though most of the food was pretty good. That will be like an every Thursday thing now because that is when the members always ask to come eat with them.. so we will see what happens with that! Yesterday J, the girl we just baptized, got confirmed and was very excited to get the Holy Ghost. I did the confirmation and that will be the last time I will have to go to the English ward. I am very excited to just work with the Spanish ward because they are so much more humble and actually enjoy having baptisms, unlike the English ward. But I will let you know how things are going there. I hope you have a great week though mommy, I love you!!
Love, Elder Johnson

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