Wednesday, February 18, 2015

Feb16, 2014

Hey Mommy!! Happy Valentines day!!  How are you doing? I am glad to hear that the Larsens came over and showed you those videos! It was good to see him and talk to him the other night. He took us out to a super nice seafood place that was super expensive, like my plate was 25 bucks and so was my comps... but the food was amazing! It was good that we did it that night that we did it also because it was the only night that we had when we didnt already have a few dinner appointments. But it is good to hear he came over and showed you guys those! Elder Eisenthut says thanks for sending that to his mom also, he said she probably loved seeing that. That is cool that you have been talking with his mom a little bit also, sounds like they are a really cool family, Elder Eisenhut is awesome and we have been having a lot of fun together. We have already talked a few times about visiting eachother and what not because he will be coming to BYU for school so i will see a lot but we have talked about when i am going to go out to Cali to meet his family also.  This week has been good, i got my ingrown toenail cut out on tuesday or wednesday, i cant remember all the days run together, but it went well, the shot hurt like heck but after that i didnt feel anything. I have had this ingrown toenail for like 2 months now and just never got it fixed but it feels good to finally have it fixed now and not have my foot bug me anymore. Probably should have gotten it down a long time ago because it has bugged me for a long time but its good to finally get that taken care of. I dont have my camera with me so i dont have any pics to send.. i am sorry!! Next week i will send you some! This last thursday i hit my year mark and i cant even believe it.. i feel like i was in the airport leaving not to long ago and that was already over a year ago! I cant believe how fast time is going and i am trying to slow time down but it just keeps going faster and faster i feel like! Well it has really been an uneventful week... Things are going great, i love being over the spanish ward only and not having to deal with anybody that speaks english. We have a lot of members in our area now, we cover a lot bigger area, but we have a lot more members now also! Which of course means a lot more food.. we get fed on average 2 to 3 times a night, and they are little mexican ladies feeding us which means soooo much food! Then after they give us all the left overs so right now our fridge is so full of food that we probably wont ever touch because we never eat at home! The members here are great though and we have like 3-5 people that could be getting baptized this next week which we are really excited for. I will send you pics next week when that happens and give you an update on them. We are teaching this 85 year old grandma of a member right now that is the cutest thing. After our lesson tuesday we were talking with her about what she likes to do, and i asked her if she likes to dance, and she told me no i just like to play Loteria, or lottery which is bingo but that is what they call it in spanish. So we asked her if we could play a game with her before we left and she just lit up and grabbed out her cards and we played us a game of bingo with her! haha She is supposed to get baptized on the 22nd of this month, the only thing is that she is afraid of water and she can barely walk so we are hoping to have the baptism in a pool of a member where it would be easier to just sit her in a chair and tip her back to baptize her. I will keep you updated with her though. Things are going great and i am loving it here! I hope you guys have a great time down in mesquite, send me lots of pictures please!! I love getting pictures and i havent seen many lately! Be safe on the drive! I love you!
Love, Elder Johnson

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