Wednesday, September 3, 2014

September 3, 2014

Look how white!!!!! Now the Baptisms will be at the lake!!

Hey Mommy how is it going?? How is everything at home?? Jeez it is so crazy to hear about people my age getting married! haha Im not that old! How did you like the Happy sumo, did you try any sushi? What has the family been up to lately? Well sorry I didn’t email yesterday, I actually got transferred out of Brownsville already and I got moved to a little place in the middle of nowhere!! I am in a place called Zapata, it is in the middle if freakin nowhere. We are about an hour away from any other civilization, it is like an hour south of Laredo. They just barely put missionaries in here last transfer and there are just two companionships here in the little town. There are a total of 3 active members in the area right now.. yes I said 3:) and the church service on Sunday are held in the apartment next door to where we live because the church owns it too. We do the talks, and teach gospel principles and also teach another lesson at the end that counts for priesthood and relief society. They still do all 3 hours and it is all in Spanish and we do absolutely everything:) Also since there is no type of church building here, we baptize in Zapata lake!! We are having a baptism (or a laketism) this Sunday! I will get to baptize a kid out in the lake on Sunday! This place is just crazy.. and to make it all better I got a call last week before I found out where I was being transferred and I found out that I was training too! I went straight from being jr comp because I am still young in the mission and Pres called me and gave me the assignment to be a trainer so I am here in the middle of no where with a brand new missionary that doesn’t know two words of Spanish... I am super excited!! I had a meeting last week with pres because he has a meeting with all the new District leaders and zone leaders before transfers and I didn’t know hardly anyone at the meeting because they were all like 18 months into their mission and then there is me and I was younger than all them by like a year in the mission.. But it was a super good meeting and President Maluenda gives the best training on missionary work. So I have a new area, and a brand new missionary now so things have changed a little bit here! Things are going good though, we have to drive for like an hour and a half every up to Laredo and an hour and a half back for you district meeting every week so I will be doing a lot of driving. That is the only time we can use our car though, other than that we just ride the bikes like crazy all over this little town! Oh and this last Sunday we baptized so many people!! We baptized that family of four I told you about and one other kid, and there were two other elders that we lived with in Brownsville that baptized a family too so it was such a cool baptism! The family I baptized was so cool and they made me promise them I would write them letters and everything and I got to baptize 3 of the 4 of them and my comp baptized one of the boys of the family. We had a great baptismal service with them then I got shipped outa there:( It was kinda sad when I found out I was leaving but I really felt like I got sent to Brownsville just for the reason of that family then I got sent out! I hope you have a great week! I love you Kimbo!

Love, Elder Bear

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