Monday, September 29, 2014

September 29, 2014

 Our "laketism" in Lake Zapata!
Hey Kimbo!!
I did get the little package the other day, thanks so much!! I found out I can get about any size of package here where I am staying for the future, so you don't need to send it to the mission office unless it is closer to transfers. My toe is doing well, it is sensitive a little when you touch it but mainly it is just one ugly toe!! It has been raining a ton here in Zapata, this is the rainiest time of the year and of course we don't get to use the car here so we get pretty wet most of the time! For general conference it sounds like we will be huddled around a laptop listening to it all weekend from what we have heard so far! Things here in Zapata are going good, we had another baptism in the lake this last week! It is a really cool experience having baptisms in a lake and this is the only place here on the mission that we baptize in a lake! So the family we found last week that are super cool, we found out that they aren't married so we started talking to them about getting married and they were super down till we found out that they are still both married to their other spouses that both live in Mexico. They have recently crossed the border to get here of course and so they can’t get divorced... They would have to swim back across the border, get divorced, then swim back up and get married then they could get baptized. It was super sad to hear that because they can’t get baptized unless they are married so we are going to try to baptized their kids and hopefully in the future they will get all that figured out so that they can get baptized also. They are a super cool family and have kids of the ages 12 8 and 4 so hopefully we can baptize the two oldest kids. We have found a lot of random members also in the area that we didn't have record of, that have moved here from Mexico or something which is kind of cool because they are usually lost after they cross the river till missionaries run into them and we have ran into quite a few here in Zapata. Things are going good though, this area is super different because we are over an hour away from everything and there are like no active members we meet with or work with like the other areas all have and our area is just super ghetto and super interesting! We are supposed to try to get out of a big part of our area around 8ish because it can get pretty rough when its dark, but usually the homies in that area always give us a yell or a peace sign which is pretty cool. I hope you have a great week Kimbo! I love you so much!
Love, Elder Johnson

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