Monday, September 15, 2014

September 15, 2014

Hey Kimbo

How is everything going?? Things down here are going pretty good, yeah we don’t get fed ever down here by the members but randomly when we ride our bikes people will yell at us to stop by and eat some bbq with them which is usually some kind of fish or something super different but it is always better than nothing specially when we are riding our bikes around all day! Sounds like Ty is spending tons of time with this Ashley, must mean he actually likes her! That is good to hear! What does she like to do? What’s her family like?:) Sounds like he is with her just about every night, I am glad mommy likes her too because that is the only way she is going to be able to stay around! haha That is super sad to hear about KK and his diabetes, how did they find out? Was he just getting sick a lot or what?  Sounds like going to St George with the Olson’s and Ballantyne’s should be a lot of fun! Things here have been going pretty good, we have found a lot of people to teach here and I think that it will grow really quickly here soon in Zapata. We have found a lot of new people this week that have really good desires and want to change their life. It has rained like crazy down here the last few days and have been flash flood warnings like every day and so people think we are crazy riding our bike around all day in it! We can’t use our car so we just ride in the rain and by the time we have been getting home we dump water out of our shoes and are just soaked to the bone. But Saturday night we were at a lesson with an investigator and we were leaving and I went to throw my leg up to get on my bike.... and I ripped a huge hole in the back of my pants... yeah I shredded that pair of pants!! And I was trying to feel how big it was as I was riding, my back and my hands were super wet because it was still pouring still and my one hand that was on the handle bars and my hand slipped off the handle bars and I went face first over the handle bars and crashed pretty good and there was like an inch of water cover all the streets here because it rained so much during the day so when I crashed I made a big splash too of course and scraped up my elbows and hands pretty good, so I rode back with bloody hands and elbows and a huge ripe in my pants! haha Let’s just say it was an interesting night! Things are going good here though and we had a baptism in the lake yesterday! I will send pics it was super cool! Super different though!! He was an illegal of course and there are cameras all over the lake because that is the border! But I got to go so I hope you have a great day mommy! I love you!!

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