Tuesday, September 9, 2014

September 8, 2014

Kimbo!!!!! How is everything going Mommy? What have you been up to all week?? I just sat here and laughed when I read that you and Jenny went and spied on Ty and his party!! I remembered you guys always were able to find me and Colt no matter where the heck we were somehow! You guys would show up and whatever party we were at even if we didn't tell you!! haha I would act like you guys were dumb.. But really I always thought it was super funny though!! You are so funny, I love that you guys still have fun even if you guys are kinda old;)  Man, the dove a que, that is always so fun! I ate some habanero peppers the other day too!! So tell Lyndsay to quit his belly aching! haha they were so hot.. But after a couple hours my mouth cooled off! Well this week was good... but sooo different! We had church yesterday in the apartment next to ours, and it was fast and testimony meeting but after us 4 Elders share our testimony and the rest of the 2 members share their testimony we still have plenty of time for the rest of our first hour! So I had to give a talk and then also teach the whole lesson the next hour! There were our two active members there and we brought 7 investigators to church which was more than there has ever been down here which was super cool! SO the little apartment was pretty full actually! My comp can’t speak a word of Spanish so the lesson at church I had to teach the whole thing and the lesson we teach I have to say everything and then translate to him what is going on. And wow let me tell you a little more about church.  So we have one active member that speaks only Spanish and one active that speaks only English and our investigators were about half and half, so each week we sing our hymns in both languages!! It is the most hideous sounding song you would ever here! They are the same song but in different languages and I literally starting laughing during the opening hymn! We teach in Tex-Mex, I would teach all in Spanish and then say basically everything in English right after so that all could understand! So I am getting good at speaking them both I guess!! haha We have to drive an hour north to email and we played basketball today with our zone, and we are staying the night at the zone leaders apartment because every Tuesday we have our district meetings here and we don't want to drive back down and have to come back up in the morning! We shop at a Dollar General down in Zapata for our groceries so it isn't real expensive but let’s just say there isn't a real variety in food! haha but it’s all good! I use your conversion story a lot while I teach and talk to members because they ask us a lot if our parents grew up in the gospel too, and they all love hearing your story and about how you two went to the temple and everything!! The gospel is amazing and I absolutely love seeing the change it brings to people’s lives. The family I baptized in Brownsville, I found them the first week I was there and baptized them the last week I was there, I was definitely sent there for a reason. The gospel is changing that family’s life so much and it is so amazing to be able to see that change. Well I hope you have a great week Mommy!! I love you so much!!
Love, Elder Johnson

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