Monday, October 6, 2014

October 6, 2014

Hey Kimbo, how are you doing?? I am so glad that you are okay and that everything from the crash went okay! I don't know if I ever told you but in my last area I also got in a car wreck... ha-ha a guy smashed us from behind on a freeway when we had to hurry and stop because the car in front of us and the car behind us hit is pretty good but we were fine. I am so glad you are okay though and also that Jenn and all the girls are okay too!! Don't be getting in anymore crashes Kimbo. That is too bad Haley got engaged, I love Elder Perkins and I am living with his comp that he had when she broke up with him too. Thanks so much for sending me the emails too, I wanted to write them and see how they are doing. We had conference here in Zapata and it was pretty interesting! We watched it over a lap top because we wanted to give the investigators and the members here the opportunity to watch conference for the first time because usually the missionaries just go up to Laredo when they have been here before. So we watched all of the sessions through a laptop. We met an investigator this week that is awesome. He was in Prison for 10 years and is a tattoo artist here in Zapata but really wants to change his life because he has been in a couple motorcycle accidents that he shouldn’t be alive from. Just a couple weeks ago he hit a boar on his bike going 65 and he was thrown have his bike just wearing a t shirt and no helmet and is still living and came away from the wreck with just a broken arm and road rash that covered a lot of his body. He came to conference and we will be baptizing him here in not too long and is a super cool guy. He loves skulls and he gave me a skull knife of his the other day and wants be to come back down after the mish to hunt hogs with him on his buddies ranch. He is an awesome guy, a little on the rough side, but is loving everything with the gospel. I also had the opportunity to "cast out a demon" last night, we got a call from some random guy that we just gave our number to a while ago asking us to come over to his cousins house right now so we headed over there on our bikes to find out that his cousin had been seeing things in his room and hasn't slept in three days and he just looked like a mess. He couldn't stop shaking and had a hard time just talking to us. As a cat was walking down the hallway while they were telling us about this, when the cat walked past the room, it jumped super badly and flew out of the hallway and we knew something was there. People think that demon things aren't real but it’s crazy to know that they really do exist. I went into the room of his with my comp and the worst feeling came over us as we walked in and I used the Melchizedek priesthood and blessed the room/house and at the start of the prayer I felt one of the weirdest feelings I have ever had during a prayer, and it was kind of scary, then half way through my prayer everything went super calm and you could tell that something had left. It was one of the most intense experiences I have had in a long time and I just know that the Priesthood is legit and is the authority of God. Conference was great and I learned so much during it, conference is so much better on the mission for some reason! I hope you have a great week Kimbo and I hope you get your car back!! I love you!
Love, Tu Oso:) 

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