Monday, October 13, 2014

October 13, 2014

Hi Mommy!! That is weird to hear that it is 36 degrees up there the other morning, because yesterday it was still in the mid 90s when we were on the bikes all day! Yeah sorry I didn't really wanna worry you about the accident but nothing to bad happened, he hit us pretty dang hard but we were fine in the car. So you don't have to pay for what happened to your car right? Since you weren't at fault. Jeezo that is a lot of money jen has to pay for her car! You guys need to see the meet the Mormons video, we had to drive up to Corpus, it is like a 3 hour drive last week to the Stake Center and we all got to see the movie. It is super good and it will definitely help others understand us better, because something I have come to find out is that the majority of the people that have heard of Mormons think we are crazy, most think we have tons of wives or just all sorts of weird stuff. So go see it when you can! The demon story was kinda crazy, I haven't experienced anything ever like that before in my life! That is funny about the Christmas tree, but you don't have any new memories from this year’s Christmas tree so when I get home we will definitely be back to going up the canyon to get them again.  What is Ty going to Cali for? Is that where that kid is from?  That is cool that Nae is going to do that Pageant, I hope she does well! I’m not sure what she is going to do for her talent.. But I am sure it will go well! Today we just went and dug for some ties and get some super expensive new ties for a dollar a piece, then ate lunch at Little Caesars then we are going to go play basketball a little later today, we have to stay at the Zone Leaders apartment every Monday night because it is an hour back down to our apartment after P day ends at 6 and we have to be back up here first thing in the morning for district meeting so we sleep on the ground in the ZLs apartment and work in their area every Monday night.  I have to drive back and forth from Zapata to Laredo almost every day because we are having the special trainings all month and we have them 5 times a week so I am getting sick of driving a couple hours in the car every day.  Things have been going pretty good here in Zapata, that thug tattoo artist is getting dunked tomorrow! We are baptizing him tomorrow night in the lake at like 6 o’clock so that should be super cool! He has been in prison for a long time and now lives in a little tiny camp trailer out in the middle of nowhere but he has been loving what we have been teaching him and told me when I get home from my mission he wants to take a Harley ride up to Utah and see the Salt Lake temple! He also said he will take me to his buddy’s ranch down here too to shoot a pig! But it has to be with a bow he said because he isn't allowed to be around guns for the rest of his life! ha-ha Last night we had a carne which just explains South Texas to the T!! It is just a bunch of cuts of meat thrown on a BBQ with Elote, (Corn with Mayo) and a bunch of chili. I think south Texas is the only place that has Carne/BBQs like this! But we had that Carne with a couple that the wife is a recent convert here in Zapata and her husband that is getting baptized soon. They love the Cowboys and the husband told me that he is going to get me a Cowboys tie soon! ha-ha but things are going good here and transfers will be coming up here next week again! I am pretty positive I will be staying here but you never know what is going to happen! I hope you have a great week Kimbo! I love you so much and before long we will be talking to each other through Skype for Christmas! I can’t believe how fast time is going here on the mission! Have a great week!
Love, Tu mas guapo chamaco

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