Monday, October 27, 2014

October 27, 2014

Hey Kimbo!!!
How are you doing? How has everything been going there at home?  haha Yeah I couldn't remember if I had told you we had gotten a building or not, well it is a funeral home and we have made it kinda into a place we can hold church. We have had too many people at church lately so they had to hury and do something about it and got us that building. What has Elder Duerst said about me on that blog so that I have some dirt on him! haha No he is a great kid and a hard worker, he struggles with the language but is learning more each day. You are quite the witch Kimbo... I always knew you were a witch... haha I am just teasing!! I really couldn't ask for a better mom, I always tell stories here to other missionaries about how funny you are, like we met a girl the other day that was named Bernice!!! I thought only my armadillo had that name! I didn't think it was even a real name... so after we stopped talking about her I had to tell Duerst all about Bernice the boy armadillo.  That is cool about the pic with the baptism in the lake, S. is doing great and he bought us 4 missionaries these super nice Winchester knives and he is carving our names into them also which should be super cool! He also gave me a pair of brass knuckles yesterday too!! haha He is such a boss and he took us out to a steak house here in Zapata also. He has been doing so much for us since he has been baptized and he hasn't missed church in a while either. He is such a strong convert. This week went by super fast and I cant even remember many things that happened. One of our investigators was drinking one night and had taken way too many of these anxiety pill he has to take and almost overdosed, we were with him from like 7 till 9 one night because he wanted to commit suicide and kept driving around the block and he was super drunk. We finally got him home and calmed him down and had to talk to him for a couple hours and talked him out of committing suicide which was good then when he walked off I stole the keys out of his car and we fell asleep in the side yard of the trailer. His parents got in a fight with him so he ran off and abused his medication and started drinking, but you bet we had the "Word of Wisdom" lesson with him first thing the next day. He came to church yesterday and really liked it and promised us he wouldn't touch another beer again. He has changed a lot and is turning into a super solid investigator, the only problem is that he doesn't get off of probation for almost another year so he can't get baptized until then which really stinks.. he is changing his life around and we told him that if he did these things to come closer to God that he would find a job, and tomorrow he is now starting a new job which was so cool to see happen like that!! We had 37 people at church yesterday which is the most Zapata has had since missionaries have been back here and more than has been here at church here as far as records go back which was cool to see! So things are going good here and the work has been going great lately! I hope everything is going great for you Kimbo!! I love you and miss you! I can't believe how fast this time is flying, it is kinda freaking me out!! Have a great week Mommy!!
Love, Elder Johnson

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