Monday, November 3, 2014

November 3, 2014

Elder Johnson is very fortunate to have a wonderful family that takes great care of him and his fellow missionaries.  They are always feeding those hungry boys!!


Hey Kimbo! 

How is everything going?? How has your week been? What have you been up to? I can’t believe that story about Jason... That is unbelievable.. I feel so bad for the kid, I really like Jason a lot and that is too bad that this thing has gotten so dang big. I hope he realizes that it is still just a football game and that it is nothing more. You will have to keep me updated with everything with that, I hope he is doing okay now. Oh yeah, we just call her J, she is such a cool lady. She has us come over like twice a week and always likes to feed us or do something for us. She has three kids that are so funny. She really wants to go to the temple but wants the Salt Lake temple to be the first she goes to. I keep telling her I want her to come up to meet you because she is so funny, she has a personality a lot like you, she can be a smart aleck sometimes but it’s always a lot of fun there. She got baptized a little over a month ago now I believe and she is super solid in the church. I did the clappy thing and I told her that you guys think I look retarded when I do that and she agreed but told me that in Spanish, she called me malito, ask Ty what that means!;) I told her you would probably kill me if I showed her that so she said she would have to tell you about it then! Well of course something happened to Sherwin, how in the world did he get that thing so stuck?? That is such a funny story though!! I can’t imagine how hard Dad was laughing, I probably wouldn’t have been able to breathe from laughing so hard if I would have been there! Daddy is getting old, he needs to be careful with those hips that he has. Things have been going super good here, we should be having another laketism this Sunday! We are going to baptize a guy named A, he actually looks super white which is weird for down here but he is from Mexico somewhere. He is a super cool guy and told us he will get baptized if he feels the same feelings he felt when he was in Korea with the army at some church. He has come to church and cried both times, he said this is the first time he has had those feelings since Korea which is super cool. I will be baptizing him in the lake this Sunday it sounds like which should be super cool. Other than that we haven’t had anything to crazy happen this week, on Halloween we went over to our recent converts house, J, and she fed us some chicken but we had to be back home by 6 that night because things get pretty crazy here on holidays. Us 4 went back to the apartment and we played poker the rest of the night with cookies, and to play we all had to put in a tie and the winner got all the ties, and of course guess who got the ties... I did! haha it was a lot of fun, that’s all we did all night because the game took forever but it was a lot of fun though. The next night S, the guy we baptized two weeks ago took us out to the steakhouse again here in Zapata! He got us 22oz steaks there and wanted to see if we could eat it all. Of course I put that thing down like nothing! It was a big ol steak though! This week was a fun week, it went by super quick but things are going good here in Zapata. There is so much work to be done here and so many people interested in the Gospel here. Things are a little different here but I have loved this little town. Well Kimbo, I hope you have a great week, thanks for keeping me updated on everything. Be safe and have fun in St George! Make sure Daddy spoils you! I love you!

Love, Elder Johnson 

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