Monday, November 10, 2014

November 10, 2014

Hi Mommy!!!

How is everything going? What are you up to? Sounds like you have been pretty busy lately.. Do you have some time to relax this week or another crazy week like usual? Sounds like St George was fun, Brooke told me she saw ya and that she always loves it when you come down! Thanks so much for sending me your conversion story, I was actually going to ask you to send that to me so thanks so much!  How did Brock do today at tryouts? I hope he doesn't stress himself out to much so that he can play well, tryouts were always stressful but there is a time you have to get rid of that stress and just have fun and play so I hope he is able to do that!! Things here are going good, we had the pool baptism on Saturday of a lady named R who is the nicest sweetest lady. She has a niece that is a member so when she saw us in Zapata she stopped us one day and asked us to come out to her house because she lives out on a big ranch and so we have been going out there and she is such a strong member already. She got baptized Saturday and confirmed yesterday. Also I baptized A yesterday in the Lake!! My first time baptizing in the lake! I have always made my comp do our baptisms because he is young in the mission and hasn't baptized anyone before I came but he has baptized the last two people we have baptized and so I did this one. It was a very cool experience and a very different experience outside of a font! We walked out on the boat dock and I dunked him. I will send some pics of that. We should have another baptism of A’s friend M this next week if he gets off of probation within the next few days. There is so much work to do here in Zapata and our group on Sundays has been growing very quickly. I love it down here in Zapata, there are few members, but there are some awesome recent converts!! Transfers are the 2nd of Dec so I will find out around then if I go or stay. I imagine I will stay, especially with how the work has been going, my comp could easily get transferred also which would mean I would stay. But I hope you have a great week Kimbo, I love hearing from you and I love hearing about what you are up to and what’s going on up there. Espero que tenga una Buena semana! Te Amo!

Love, Elder Johnson

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